Softball stars
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To the Editor:

You miss the point! In response to the article written on August 7, 2013 titled “Winners on the Field” first let me say that I usually do not bother to respond to criticism of sports articles I occasionally write. They are never intended to offend or criticize. However, there has been much response to this article, in fact much more than necessary. The article was not written with the intention of praising one team while leaving other teams out, or to criticize other teams while praising only one. The article never stated that only one team deserves praise for their efforts. The intention of the article was in response to the negative and unnecessary criticism that this team in particular was receiving, some of it through social media. Also, the purpose was to bring to the attention of those who would unjustly criticize this team just how difficult it is for any team in this league to get enough players together week after week and try to make their critics understand what they go through, that’s all nothing else. When is the last time your team lost every game in a season, year after year, and yet still managed to keep your spirits up? Be honest, how many of us could say we would do the same? I know there are others, but not many. Most of us would have given up a long time ago. I’ve been a coach of a women’s softball team and an official in this league for more than 20 years and to state that the officials in this league do not appreciate and recognize the efforts of everyone is totally inaccurate. We see these teams compete in game after game, season after season. All the officials in this league realize just how much all these teams sacrifice to get to these games on time after work, find a babysitter, reschedule work, shift hours, drive from out of town against traffic, miss dinner, etc. Perhaps this team will not win a championship any time soon, but that’s OK. Most of the other teams in this league have had their “championship moment:” This year (Latina Heat), the last two years in a row (On the Rocks) and for many successive years (Starting Point Diamonds). Allow this team to receive some simple praise and have their “moment” in the sun.


Bayonne Department of Recreation Official

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