Staying on the right path
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Dear Editor:

I became mayor at a very difficult time for our City. Our newly elected mayor had been arrested for taking bribes just 21 days into his term. We were subject to state fiscal supervision. Our public Hospital, backed by a $52 million taxpayer Bond guarantee, was failing. And we had just endured a nearly 80 percent municipal tax increase. It was my job, together with my team, to right the ship, restore our citizens' shattered confidence in their government, and get our City back on the right track. This was, to say the least, not an easy job. But I am extremely proud that over the past four years, we have gotten that job done.

We saved our Hospital, getting the City off the hook for the $52 million bond guarantee. We cut City taxes by nearly 12 percent. We renovated almost all of our parks and opened two new ones. We brought great concerts to Pier A like Mumford & Sons, Bob Dylan and the New Jersey Philharmonic. And we all came together as a community to emerge from Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy stronger than ever.

We are now back on the right path and ready to move forward to a very bright future. The decisions made over the next four years will define our City going forward. We must protect our City from flooding and skyrocketing insurance costs. And I will do that by implementing my comprehensive Resiliency and Readiness Plan.

We must make sure redevelopment strengthens our infrastructure rather than burdens it, enhances rather than overcrowds our neighborhoods, and protects the incredible character of our City.

Finally, we must continue to make the tough fiscal decisions needed to keep our finances sound for the long term. We simply cannot go back to the failed practices of the past.

I love this City, and I love serving as your mayor. I ask for your support on November 5, for me and my City Council team of Councilman David Mello, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, and Council candidate James Doyle, so we can continue leading our great City forward.

Thank you.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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November 06, 2013

Dear Editor;

Now that the choreographed farcical play in Hoboken’s mayoral election is over, are there any real losers, or winners? Case in point. In order to win anything, there has to be opposition. There was no real opposition to Team Zimmer. Team Zimmer knew coming out of the gate that they were going to win! I feel in my spiritual heart and my intellectual reasoning that there were back room deals cut between all parties involved! Neither Ramos, nor Tim offered Dawn Zimmer any real challenge. Yet out of it all, there is a clear loser! The occupants of HHA. We are the true losers! And the people who are suppose to represent us, have fail miserably. In fact they show contempt, distain, even in difference towards us!

Secret agenda: The land that HHA is built on is owned by HUD. This land is very, very valuable. It is sadly funny in that 40yrs ago you could not give an apartment away, and if by chance a landlord could collect rent they were happy as bandits if they got 50, or 60 dollars per month! Here today that same apartment is going for 2,or 3 thousand dollars per month! Condos going for a quarter, to half a million dollars! In that measly one square mile tract of land that is dangerously under sea level and gradually sinking slowly, is valuable beyond reason. Why? Is its proximity to Manhattan? That could be a major factor in contributing to its value. And the land that HHA is built on is just as valuable if not more!

So this is the agenda, secret; I doubt it. Then and again, it is secret only to those of us who don’t have a clue as to what is going on any way! Is to slowly let those dinosaur building depreciate to where they are no longer livable. Slowly, and methodically by design deplete the money needed to run them. To where the lack of funds needed to maintain the livable conditions fails or even pales in its ability to sustain such conditions. The state will then have cause, or reason to steps in and declares conditions in the Hoboken Housing Authority have deteriorated to such an extent that they have be shut down! This is the ultimate goal, which is in the very near and foreseeable future. Should this happen someone’s goal would be accomplished. Which is to gain control of that land! With little to no afore thought of displacing a great many families! What is frighteningly sad is that there is no one to champion the cause, of or for the HHA tenants. And seemingly no one really cares because there is MONEY TO BE HAD from that property…

November 09, 2013
I do not believe that is accurate. The HUD does not own the land. They only subsidize the running of the projects in exchange for it being used for affordable housing. And the subsidies the government provides barely covers the extra police protection never mind the costs for education and infrastructure.

I agree with your assessment that they have been looking for an opportunity to tear down those buildings, however, your anger is mis-directed. It is/was Carmelo's goal with the 20/20 plan.

I am not sure why occupants of HHA are the losers. Dawn Zimmer stood up to Carmelo and others who were attempting to force through a high density development which would have forced many affordable housing residents out of their homes. Previous mayors would have been on board with that plan (assuming they got their cut). You owe her and others on the reform side your thanks, not calling them crooks.

I agree that money for required maintenance or infrastructure improvements should be made a priority for these buildings, however, this is a public good that should be the responsibility of state and federal government and not just the Hoboken taxpayers.

November 03, 2013
It is nice to have a mayor you can be proud of in Hoboken.

November 06, 2013
Yes I hold heartedly agree, but who is that mayor? I pray that you are not referring to criminal that has been indicted, I mean reselected. did I say that right? Yes it is a nice thought to one day have a mayor who is for ALL THE PEOPLE OF HOBOKEN THAT, WE ALL CAN BE PROUD OF. Sadly I fear that day is not today! Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain once said "The only criminal indigenous to these shores are POLITICIANS" I reiterate that quote in my assessment of the present crop of politicos...