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To the Editor:

City Hall needs common sense. For our city to truly be successful, every Administration that enters Bayonne's City Hall needs to understand a few concepts before they decide to pass anything. First, they need to understand that residents cannot afford another tax increase, whether it is a property tax or any other area. Second, the Administration must ensure that education is a priority. Our teachers have been working without a contact, and it is time that we help our students get the proper education that they deserve, and what our tax dollars are paying for. Third, our city needs Broadway and we need to start becoming more business friendly. Bayonne businesses provide a vital part of our local economy and we cannot afford to keep pushing them out of our city. All these concepts come from average everyday residents in Bayonne, and should become solid principles for our representatives. Bayonne, as a community, unites under these concepts and seeks someone who is actually going to follow through with them. We have had enough politics-as-usual" elected officials, and it is time for a genuine administration to step up. Whether the problem is education reform or tax reform, Bayonne needs someone who is going to stay strong on his message and get things done. Anthony Zanowic, candidate for mayor of Bayonne, is strong on his message, and promises to bring actual reform to our city. Anthony Zanowic promises to lower taxes for Bayonne residents, not raise your property taxes. When it comes to education, now is the time to support students and teachers. The first step to education reform is to turn the Bayonne Board of Education into an elected position. This allows residents to hold them responsible, instead of allowing Board of Education members protection by the mayor. Anthony Zanowic understands that Bayonne businesses are the backbone of our local economy and that we need to set an environment that allows them to stay, employ, and prosper. Broadway, which was once an avenue filled with diverse stores, is slowly becoming an avenue of closed stores and empty lots. We say no more. Bayonne residents have had enough of the representatives in City Hall who allow our city to continue on the path down which we are heading. Now is the time for real leadership and representation in City Hall. Support Anthony Zanowic for Mayor of Bayonne, and together, we can achieve a better Bayonne.


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August 21, 2013
Mr. Herrera. You are a full time college student who lives in Washington DC till at least 2017. How will you make it to council meetings, board of estimate meetings, council caucuses, town hall meetings, city directors meetings, city hall meetings, etc? Do you own a private jet? Also, how is it that you are qualified to be a council person in a town of 60k people? You're probably about 19 years old, doesn't seem like you've been in the service or anything, doesn't seem like you've held a full time job either. What do you know about public safety and business? You haven't even taken on the challenges of adolescence. Take it from this old time, live your life, have fun, get a girlfriend. Your ambition is exceeding the reality, you're not qualified or intelligent enough to do the job of councilman yet. Give it about 10 more years, get a job, be a boss, then you might have the skills it takes to lead.
August 22, 2013
What does it take to run the city? I'd say someone who treats the city's finances like they treat their personal checking account. Someone with principle to reject special interest. The previous administrations have been led by an attorney, a college professor, and a police chief who literally shot himself in the foot. What did they all have in common? They all had a piece recycled into the next administration. Which would explain the common response we've heard from concerned citizens "Bayonne has been under the same policy makers for almost two decades."

Bayonne is ready for a change. Just like Jersey City was. People are tired of being bullied by city hall. People are tired of having to leave Bayonne and shop elsewhere. People are tired of walking outside their homes and seeing filthy streets. They are tired of being intimidated by large groups of youths hanging out on the corners. They are tired of the Dollar stores. They want to be proud of their city and their home. People are tired of the rhetoric and they want action not "actors." Solutions not talking points.