Team Fulop council candidates need your support
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Dear Editor:

On May 14, Steven Fulop was voted in to office by over 52 percent of the people of Jersey City. He ran with the slogan “Team Fulop: Moving Jersey City Forward.” These words speak volumes as to what he wants to do and how he intends on helping the place we call home. Move Forward. Even if someone didn’t vote for Steven Fulop on this historical date, perhaps a Jerry Healy voter, the mayor said he would be willing to do what he can to help the new Fulop Administration and the city of Jersey City. His voters would be wise to agree. Otherwise, the word “vindictive” rings a bell. I believe, deep down inside, that our residents as a whole care about our city and want what’s best for it.

Steve Fulop’s job has just begun even before the entire election has been completed. On June 11, our people will once again go to the polls and have a chance to vote in our Council-at-Large and Ward Council Representatives. The first quest for Fulop to take on as Mayor-Elect is to help get elected the council candidates that hold the slogan “Team Fulop: Moving Jersey City Forward” It’s hard not to root for him.

In years gone by, we have seen a mayor with a split council. It’s unproductive and it hurts the tax payers. It hurts our city government by putting up a giant wall when the mayor who was elected by the people tries to pass measures that bring progress. The politics takes over city government and we are the ones that suffer. Stalemate is just as bad as going backwards. It can be overwhelmingly stressful for a city when we have a divided council representing our local government. On a much larger scale, it can be compared to being president and having a divided congress and senate. Who suffers? The taxpayers do.

In Jersey City, we can go back a little over ten years remembering our late Mayor Glen D. Cunningham who took office with a divided council. Not some but many believe that the stress that came with it, contributed to his untimely death while he was trying to Move Jersey City Forward.

The New Fulop Administration brings in New Life and for the City of Jersey City to be healthy and productive, it is crucial that the voters come out and vote for the candidates that share its slogan.

For At Large, Vote 3A, Joyce Watterman, 4A Daniel Rivera and 5A Rolando Lavvaro. In Ward A, cast your ballot for Frank Gajewski, 3B. In Ward’s B, C, D and F, push the little button that says 1B. Chico, Nydia Lopez, Sean Connors and Diane Coleman. “Team Fulop: Moving Jersey City Forward”

James Francis Waddleton
Lifelong Resident

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