The Delle Donnas’ sentence was too harsh
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Dear Editor:

I have enjoyed reading your very informative local paper for many years.

In your Sunday, January 18th paper, there was an article in the Briefs Section about Luisa Medrano. How could Judge Joel Pisano grant her only six months under house arrest? She ratted on the Delle Donnas, and in my opinion did far worse than they did. She admitted harboring illegal aliens and under-aged girls. Isn’t that contributing to the delinquency of minors? I think that should be criminal offense. Where is the justice?

Judge Ackerman was far too harsh in sentencing Dave and Anna Delle Donna to four years and three months in prison.

I’ve known the Delle Donnas for many, many years, and they are a loving, compassionate couple who opened their hearts and homes to many people. Maybe that was their crime of being too trusting and kind to people. David Delle Donna was a great mayor of Guttenberg who loved his town and its people.

In closing I would like to say God Bless and keep Dave and Anna safe while they are away from their beautiful family.


Gerry Hansen

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February 02, 2009
I agree. Talk about misplaced justice. Christy calculated wrong on this one. He is playing with peoples lives. Not a good sign for a potential future governor.
February 01, 2009
Justice in reverse.

The federal Government prosecuted the wrong people. The Della donna's were going to lose their positions in any case,. But.. the U.S Attorney's handling the case should have used the Della Donna's as the witnesses against the Madame of slave trade....She (Medrano) was not implicated in the kidnapping of the women and teenagers?...That is rediculous..Well congratulations prosecutors, you jailed another politician while a criminal remains free.