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Dear Editor:

For the past seven and half years, my friends at the Nelson Ave. Block Association have been asking about a gaping snake hole that tracks 99 percent of Nelson Ave. Magically, it disappears inches short of the home of Ward D Leader and recently retired Director of the mayor’s (duplication of services) non action bureau. What a smack in the face. Going north, it always bothers me a little to see on the same road that becomes Grand Ave in North Bergen, the bright yellow signs that read State Law Stop for Pedestrian within Crosswalk. I’m jealous that all the towns surrounding the Heights have them, but we are short changed. These signs are a real safety precaution, unlike the cameras at traffic lights which are a sneaky tax in disguise on motorists. Looking into the matter, it was pointed out that it is state signage but the municipality has to pay for them. How about using some of the crazy millions of dollars from the cameras? Take a picture of the check.

While I’m at it, I might as well point out a few more examples of how the quality of life here in the Heights has succumb to nothing but empty promises

The 100 Steps should be renamed the 100 Years Project. Again and again, Healy is not a man of his word. To fellow constituents up on Palisade, don’t expect the steps to be done by an administration that has proven they are unable to do the job. There is terrible service given in the city and it surely is not civil. The next mayor should use power of executive order and remove one and all decision makers. In May, vote for someone who does what he says he is going to do. This is no different than the lies they get in C about the notel on the square.

Growing up, Mosquito Park had always been a cool place to hang out. It’s especially fun when it snows as it has a natural sleigh slope and a chill roundhouse with a tremendous view. The park has great character. It’s sad to see the basketball and tennis courts nothing but cracked and broken old tar.

Following up with another one out of what feels like a million problems that us Heightsters have, the graffiti is really out of control. Hey Jerry, tell Oren to pick up some graffiti remover and send all those workers up the hill. The tagging at the Reservoir and that round house is sickening. Why the Heights are either ignored or always last? Ward D and the Heights have been taken for granted for the last 7 and half years by the Healy Bunch and we’re not happy. Taxes have gone up 90 percent since he took office. The ironic part is that This Mayor’s Election coming in May will be decided in D.

James Francis Waddleton

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