The Tuesday after Memorial Day
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Dear Editor:

Ah, yes, it’s the Tuesday after Memorial Day… possibly one of the best mornings for people watching the Hoboken work force provides us. Tired and weakened from the holiday weekend, they walk one by one in almost perfect unison on their way to the path train; head down, sporting their coffees in either hand, ear buds in their ears listening to their favorite playlist which serves as their final escape before entering the work place. As you watch their display of defeat, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my tenure here in Hoboken it’s that no matter what the elements, weather or otherwise, are thrown in front of the Hoboken youth on Memorial Day weekend, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind: to celebrate our nation’s heros through a demonstration involving what seems like endless amounts beer and barbequing. A weekend of celebration and fun inevitably leads up to this moment… the moment of your beeping alarm viciously yelling at you to return to your daily grind early Tuesday morning. You grumpily get out of bed and stare at it, debating whether or not to crawl back in. You turn on your coffee pot and begin your morning routine in a fog that is lifted by the only positive thought running through your head: ‘Ugh, it’s Tuesday… four more days until the weekend.’ You leave your apartment, possibly forgetting something important behind in the process, and head to that one place you loathe so much, your cubicle.

Memorial Day has traditionally served as a transitional time of the year marking the unofficial start of summer, putting the depths of winter and the disappointing spring weather behind us. In the corporate world it also marks the start of summer attire, trading suits and ties for polo’s and skirts. It’s also the start of the true outdoor happy hour and the life-saving Friday summer hours, allowing those fortunate enough to escape to the beach before the all traffic starts to get a head start on your favorite weekend beach activity. So for those sitting there in the office wishing they were else-where, just take these facts into consideration. It’s Tuesday, it’s raining, Memorial Day weekend is over and you’re tired… big deal. Put on your favorite internet radio station, write that email, micromanage that new summer intern and drink that pot of coffee. It’s the start of a new summer season, one that will be full of new adventure, excitement and sunburn; and because of this, no matter what day of the week it is, the weekend and your summer escape will always be just a few days away. Although it’s cold and dark in the office, the future is looking about 90 degrees and sunny and wearing your favorite bikini.

Matt Klypk

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