Truthfulness of a politician
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Dear Editor:

Recently I was asked if Mayor Zimmer was telling the truth when she described her encounter with Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno in the ShopRite parking lot.

I thought to myself, if only I could determine the truthfulness of a politician, I would be in great demand and very wealthy!

While I cannot answer the truthfulness question, I do have a couple questions of my own.

When Mayor Zimmer was subjected to an alleged shake-down during a conversation in the ShopRite parking lot with Kim Guadagno, what did the mayor do with this alleged criminal activity? The mayor claims she wrote about the incident in her diary and told three people, none of whom were practicing attorneys.

Upon learning that Governor Christie, in her opinion, was “cut from the same corrupt cloth” as other politicians, she wrote she was moved to tears. Mayor Zimmer apparently believed she was being given an ultimatum through Lieutenant Governor Guadagno.

Mayor Zimmer, an elected official in a high ranking office, has the benefit of legal counsel paid for by the citizens of Hoboken. If someone had offered her a bribe or attempted to induce her to violate the law, she is obligated to report such conduct.

Why did she not, at the very least, avail herself of free legal advice and report through established legal channels that exist for such purposes, her assertion that Lieutenant Governor Guadagno tried to improperly influence her responsibilities to the citizens of Hoboken?

In the meantime, I, along with many Republicans of Hoboken, will continue to support Governor Christie and Lieutenant Governor Guadagno, both accomplished professionals outside of just the political arena, unless or until legitimate information becomes available for us to consider otherwise.

Diana Davis, Chair
Republicans of Hoboken

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