Unconscionable audacity
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What are the proper procedures, outstanding qualifications and the undeniable main validation any company or individual must have, to be eligible, considered or selected a “No Bid” contract, “High Level” position or any “Special Favors” given, with the City of Jersey City?

Do you need more time? Do you need more clues? Let me end the suspense by giving you the correct answer. Sadly, you must have contributed and not very cheaply, to the election or re- election campaign funds, of either the Mayor, and/or most of the Jersey City Council.

It’s unfortunate that the majority of our home grown political leaders have no scruples, decency or respect. Their unconscionable audacity, which is extended to each and every citizen, by relentlessly offering gratuitous political patronage, for their own selfish gains, is despicable.

They openly continue to conduct these unscrupulous business practices by displaying no shame or ethics to their citizenry? They demonstrate no desires or aspirations in providing the slightest reasonable justification for their actions. They freely, and without fear of any legal or law enforcement retributions, finalize these monetary political paybacks as though they were “normal natural practices“.

Where’s the Governor “Mr. Untouchable” and his Attorney General? Are they still providing a political show, by hounding the Unions and low level employees for national notoriety?

We continue to allow these multiple forms of dubious authorizations to deplete our municipal treasury, while we are forced to endure future mandatory re-evaluations and reassessments of our property. This will ultimately leave us defenseless to a runaway tax rate, bringing additional hardships. If the economy continues to plummet, their immoral plan of squeezing the homeowner, renter and business owner, to sustain their unprincipled fruitful existence, will fail, because the trees of prosperity would have been picked clean from its branches.

There are occasional objections made. Anyone who is granted the privilege, of speaking at a Council meeting, expressing their outrage, usually experiences extreme negative odds in futility.

All public speakers are hindered by a strictly enforced, unreasonable time frame. Their comments, criticisms and statements are frequently interrupted, creating a well orchestrated ridiculed form of planned harassment and intimidation.

Their voices have absolutely no affect in piercing the political barriers of arrogance, nepotism and cronyism. They find themselves preaching to the choir and placed on “The Pay Me No Mind List”.

Our Municipality has been taken over by a certified regression of sleaze, fraud, dishonesty, despair, high taxes, abatements, crime, and violence, manipulation of funds, political favoritism and corruption. The sad reality stresses the fact that most of us and our neighbors are being forced, to suffer many sacrifices, which are imposed by an unsympathetic, compulsorily, obnoxious, intolerable government.

The “recall movement” is legitimately expressing their frustrations, but a more logical approach would be to nominate, recruit and elect good, honest, descent candidates, dedicated in preserving an acceptable quality of life for all.

The power of the vote is our ultimate voice. Send those responsible their walking papers and never look back.

William P. Frasca

Jersey City, N.J.

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