Vote yes on the rent-control question
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Dear Editor:

As a taxpayer coalition, Hoboken Revolt has taken the position that passage of the upcoming referendum on rent control is in the best interest of not only the taxpayers but the entire Hoboken community. This is why we are asking everyone to vote yes to change the rent control law.

By voting yes you are agreeing that only condo units and one to four unit buildings be allowed to come off of rent control, but only upon vacancy. This referendum does not apply to large scale apartment buildings and has nothing to do with developers and real estate agents. It has to do with you, the taxpayers of condos and one to four unit buildings.

Under the proposed change, rental increases for a condo unit being rented or an apartment in a one to four family building must follow the rent control formula, until the rental unit is next vacated. At that time and only then would the owner be allowed to raise the rent of the newly vacated unit to market level.

Artificially holding down rents is a direct loss for small property owners. Rent control on such small buildings is especially burdensome when a one to four family is often the owner's major savings, which is the case for many longtime residents of Hoboken. These taxpayers must absorb the loss of income even if there are incoming tenants who can afford to pay higher rents. In many instances these buildings cannot be maintained to the same standard as owner-occupied homes and rentals with market level rents, and that downgrades the neighboring community.

The argument that removing small buildings and condo units from the current rent control law is somehow a disadvantage to low income renters is baseless. There are no restrictions on a tenant's income in order to lease a rent controlled apartment. Other than government supported housing, no other rentals are ever subject to income testing. Therefore, no advantage exists anyway for anyone, no matter their income on the units included in the proposed change.

For over a decade the City Council has vowed to reform the law, but has failed due to misguided political pressure. This is why the proposed change has been brought to the voters of Hoboken to be decided on November 5. It is your turn to change the law. Give the taxpayers of condos and one to four unit buildings the ability to make Hoboken a just and better community. Vote Yes on the referendum to change the rent control laws.

Susan Pregibon
Hoboken Revolt
The Taxpayer Coalition

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October 20, 2013
Vote YES to the referendum and allow condos and one to 4 families out of this horribly managed ordinance.

1,000's of home owners relied on a rule put out by the Rent Leveling Board that said they could charge what ever they wanted when they bought a condo upon conversion that was either vacant or they were the Tenant at the time.

A recent court ruling (APRIL 2013) ruled that the RLB had NO RIGHT to put in and disseminate that rule putting 1,000s of unsuspecting home owners at risk with NO RECOURSE. AGAIN, the city governing as if it was the wild wild west have put people's savings at risk.

Get rid of this law now.. No more waiting... No more excuses.... No more politicians who say they are going to do something about it and then don't.

October 20, 2013
At least TRY to get your facts straight. The letter has some misleading statements and that is bad enough but there was never any rule that owners could charge whatever they wanted for condos. The ultra vires regulation allowed for owners that occupied their unit for a period of time to get ONE vacancy decontrol. The regulation was outside of the scope of the boards' right to pass; however, Councilpersons Giattino and Bhalla put forward an ordinance to allow owner-occupiers to get the same decontrol should they rent out their unit after living in it for a period of time. Their proposed ordinance will protect all condo owners in town, those that choose to rent them out after living in them and those that choose to sell their unit when they no longer want to live in them. Vote NO....again on Hoboken public question #1
October 20, 2013
When Hoboken was asked if they wanted to end the protections of rent control they said NO.

Now they being asked again.

Vote NO again and save the protections of rent control.