Voting for Obama
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Dear Editor:

In 2008 I voted for John McCain. This year I enthusiastically will vote and urge everyone else to vote for Barack Obama for re election for president. Why? In 2008 even though I am a lifelong liberal Democrat I perceived Barack Obama as being too dovish. Since being president he has proved to be one of the best presidents ever on national security. Not only did he have the guts to give the order to go get Bin Laden (without Pakistans permission like he promised during the 2008 campaign) but he has ordered the drone death of more Islamic terrorists in his four years then Bush did in eight years. He ended the war in Iraq as well as could be possible. He is withdrawing from Afghanistan in a reasonable way. The Afghans do have to take over for their own security, we cannot stay there forever. He has increased military aid to Israel.

He is no George McGovern. He is closer to Harry Truman who was a liberal hawk. Or I should say owl. A owl as opposed to a hawk or dove is one who knows when to use the military and when not to. I support the president’s policy on Iran. He has indicated military force is on the table but is giving sanctions a chance to work (Bush did not touch Irans oil revenues like Obama did), in Israel half the Israeli people are not sure if a military strike right now is the right choice. Iran is not like Iraqi or Syrian cases where Israel knocked their nuke facilities out easily. Irans nuke stuff is buried in too many places to be knocked out all at once. It may even be suicide for Israel to attack Iran. So President Obama’s policy may be the only one that is possible right now. And the US has been with Israel covertly sabotaging Irans nuke program. I think Barack Obama is the best foreign policy president since Harry Truman who is a hero of mine. So if you want this nation to be safe, vote Barack Obama for president.

Gil Corby

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