What has changed?
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Dear Editor:

The term "Government By Headline,” defines the Zimmer Administration. Ask yourself, two years as a Councilwoman, four years as Mayor and what has changed? We have been inundated by press releases, useless robo calls, headlines, all in an effort to mask the many Zimmer failures.

Using the media, an ineffective office holder can disguise a lackluster tenure. Reviewing the campaign promises, there are no new parks, streets are filthy, parking is still a disaster. We flood worse than ever and are being sued, spending millions of taxpayer dollars, due to Dawn's failed eminent domain land grab in the Southwest.

What has changed? We have a revolving door Administration, Business Administrators, Finance Directors, Corporation Counselors, Parking Directors, and Environmental Services Directors, all come and go. When they leave, many become consultants and remain on the payroll. Nice way to garner hefty campaign contributions.

What has changed? Legal bills have risen by millions. Presently we have an in-house Corporation Counsel with three attorneys. We employ more than a dozen law firms, according to Corporation Counsel when asked at a recent Council meeting. At least five of the firms handle outstanding litigation, meaning employees are suing for wrongful termination, defamation and other situations that should never have happened, if not for an Administration that is either ignorant or just arrogant, or both.

What has changed? We are now an employment agency for out of work Attorneys. Place an ad in the legal journal, "need extra contracts, come to Hoboken, we will fill your pockets." Another opportunity for the mayor's war chest.

What has changed since Sandy? Zimmer was all over the City, posing for photo ops, exploiting the tragedy. She grabbed headlines by portraying the City as a national disaster (thanks Dawn) making recovery much more difficult. Her trip to Washington D.C., was another grab at a headline and what did that accomplish? Dawn was reprimanded by a Senator for speaking on the wrong topic. Did we get any extra aid? The answer is no, Dawn got publicity. The true heroes of Sandy were the volunteers, public safety personnel, and the residents, who came together, we became one City.

What has changed? The Hoboken University Medical Center deal did get the taxpayers released from their obligation. There is much speculation on how that deal was struck. The truth of that deal will come to light soon, the who, what where and when questions will be answered.

I know we have a very intelligent public, who can see right through this sham of an Administration. When they asked themselves, What has changed? I know they will come up with the right answers.

Theresa Castellano
First Ward Councilwoman

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May 20, 2013
Ms. Castellano has to throw stones at the mayor because she has NO accomplishments of her own to stand on.

Where was Terry during Sandy? HUH? Where were you Terry? You certainly weren't walking around the First Ward looking at the destruction.

Terry only wins because she manages to have her campaign workers "help" the residents of senior housing fill out their absentee ballots.

If you aren't living in public housing...Terry has no time for you.
May 19, 2013
Much has changed and changed for the betterment of Hoboken.

As election time draws near I expect that more and more anti-Zimmer Administration anti-reform comments will be made by relatives and friends of former mayor Anthony Russo. You may recall Mr. Russo was convicted and jailed for his crimes against the people of Hoboken while in office, and at the time his cousin Mrs. Castellano found her way on to the City Council.

May 19, 2013
boy the old guard are really going all out to try and make sure mayor zimmer is not re-elected? which of course is not going to happen as the mayor has actually done a decent job even with ms. castellano (russo cousin) doing everything in her power to vote against anything productive for the community. what the old guard don't understand is that the population of hoboken has changed over the years. we will not accept corruption or anything that even seems slightly unethical or unprofessional behavior (which the russos display every week in the city council meetings). the mayor is not perfect but there is no comparison to any other candidates out there so the community will be happy to vote for her again so she can finish the job.
May 19, 2013
TC: "I know we have a very intelligent public..."

Yes, indeed, and this intelligent public will ignore your drivel.
May 19, 2013
How truew, this is an administration of smoke and mirrors. Such a shame because there was souch promise and Zimmer turned out to be no different than anyone. (Maybe juast more cold, vindsictive and calculating... must have read Boss Hague's playbook.)