What’s taking so long?
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Dear Editor:

It's disappointing to hear that Hoboken's City Council hasn't approved new members for the Zoning Board of Adjustments. I was a Commissioner for the Board this past year and heard a variety of applications from both large developers and individual home owners. I was appointed by City Council as a third alternate, meaning I was only able to vote when three other commissioners were unable to do so. Three members of the board completed their terms at the end of 2012 but, because of gridlock in city council, none of them were replaced for the new year. The Zoning Board was already burdened by an overload of applications and the lack of replacement members caused a strain on scheduling. It had become all-hands-on-deck.

Unfortunately, due to my financial circumstances, I had to move to Jersey City in April after spending 17 years as a Hoboken resident. I'm sorry to have had to leave the board with a fourth vacancy, but feel there should never have been three vacancies in the first place. The people of Hoboken deserve to have a full board of Zoning Commissioners to argue for or against the numerous variances that are being applied for. When the board is unable to reach a quorum it wastes money and time. While a case could be made that a slow down in development is a benefit to the city, I believe that applicants deserve to be heard in a reasonable amount of time from a fully staffed board. I hope the Council will appoint new members soon.

Jay Boucher

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July 07, 2013
Well we have a 4-4 gridlocked CC b/c Mason and Russo skipped the meetings where they were supposed to vote on filling a vacant CC seat and were completely derelict in their duty as city council members. With that tie, you can't get anyone passed for any boards. Reformers won't compromise their principles and let anyone acceptable to the Russo family through and the Russo family and their allies will happily hold the city hostage just to be a pain in the rear end. Yes it may be a waste of time but better to waste time than bow to the despicable behavior of the minority.
July 07, 2013
That's absolutely not true, the issue is the same for the people applying for boards as it is with the council vacancy. If an independent person is put up, they will be approved. The Mayor insists on trying to insert her political operatives into these positions, and when you look at their lack of qualifications and the poor behavior of several of her other political appointments, it's not at all unreasonable for anyone to oppose these people in favor of a qualified, independent person. The NJ Superior Court recently upheld that Zimmer's attempt to insert her choice for council was illegal, so it seems clear that it is the Zimmer faction causing the standstill here. Also, please note that a 4-4 tie means there is no minority. You are really showing your bias by stating that there is one. Regardless, Jay, from another 2nd Ward resident, I'm sorry to hear you are leaving. You seem like the kind of level-headed person that should be involved with the process. Best of luck in JC.
July 08, 2013
Tom's little tantrum clearly shows he like City Councilpersons Castellano, Mason, Russo and Occhipinti have a warped definition of independent as they even have the gall to call themselves independents.