Where are the leaders
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To the Editor:

Maybe it's time to talk about quality-of-life issues. Like getting the bicycles off the sidewalk so people can actually walk in safety.

Or stop all these cars from waiting at red lights in the middle of the crosswalks. Whatever happened to using the stop lines? I guess people don't want to be nice, courteous, or have a sense of morality anymore.

Let's be real. You know as well as I do, cars think they have the right of way and people don't. So you wonder why Broadway is dying? It's not even safe to cross the street in the crosswalk, never mind walking across the avenue.

And the real sad part is, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

Leaders stick up for their people. Leaders do what's right, not what's popular, even if they are alone. Leaders rise to the occasion and leaders are servants.

Oh and leaders aren't afraid to call out the phonies. So, I notice petitions seem to be the only way to get things done around here. I wish I didn't have to, but come on Gary, Juan, and Sharon what are you waiting for? Feel free to email me at lauren_digiaro@yahoo.com.


Municipal committeewoman

PS - Our garbage company seems to be starting at 4:30 - even earlier.

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