Wolf in sheep’s clothing
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Dear Editor:

Mayor Steve Fulop was basically at the right place at the right time. His wolf in sheep’s clothing antics during his tenure as councilman proved to be a deceptive disguise of a fresh new leader. The people of Jersey City were actually hungry for a new and improved city government full of innovating and exciting faces ready, willing and able to improve their quality of life without self serving individuals interfering in the abusive tactics of the past.

As the old saying goes “the more things change the more they remain the same? And this administration is no exception?

Mayor Fulop proved to be the classic poster child of change remaining the same. The residents of Jersey City, especially those living in the lost and forgotten “wards” don’t have to be told that our municipality still lives in a diminished atmosphere of social/economic regressions.

Higher taxes, more abatements, no bid contracts, nepotism, political favors, non-essential created high paying jobs to his loyal friends and allies, fewer services, high violent crime, unsafe streets, murders, shootings, gangs, drugs, prostitution? Nothing has changed, it’s only getting worse! Don’t blame the Jersey City Police, blame Fulop and his political hacks.

The only thing we get from Fulop is an egotistical flair of self love, patting himself on the back, and telling us what a great job he’s doing. He is definitely a legend in his own mind.

He has not only shown his allegiances to the past, by resurrecting and maintaining most of the atrocities of the previous administration but he has also erected his own created political machine of appointed mindless zombies, and agencies paid for by the taxpayer.

Unfortunately Jersey City has once again been used as a doormat for the self serving demigods. Fulop is young and ambitious, his eyes are on a more prominent leadership role and he isn’t afraid to step on, deceive, use or manipulate anyone to achieve his goal.

He has a fantastic talent of hitting you over the head with a “velvet hammer”. At the time you didn’t know you were hit, but later on you’ve realized that you were knocked out cold.

William P. Frasca

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