Enlivening Ourselves

Enlivening Ourselves
by Dr. Sallie Norquist
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Dear Dr. Norquist: I’m busy all the time. That’s what my friends say. I plan my time so I can get a lot done – very efficiently. I like being busy and getting things done. I know this is a trait th...

Doctor, Did You Wash Your Hands?™

Complex Care Clinic: One Stop for Holistic Health
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Recently Essential Hospitals http://essentialhospitals.org * reported: “Since 2000, the Virginia Coordinated Care Program for the Uninsured (VCC Program) has been providing quality health care to t...

Stronger, Better, Younger and Yes...Healthier

Getting your carbs
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Carbs have become a source of controversy in recent years. After all the bad-mouthing of carbohydrates, you may have started feeling terrified of toast, frightened of fruit, or panicky around pasta...