The problematic histories of Ravi and Jen make my vote clear
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Dear Editor: I have always thought endorsement letters were acts of self-aggrandizement, but this year a friend accused me of betraying Hoboken by campaigning for Michael DeFusco, rather than a bor...
This election is appalling, whether you’re old or new
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Dear Editor: Negative campaigning shortly before an election is appalling. We have all been receiving slick mailings from ambitious and hungry politicians - in both the “old Hoboken” and “Reform” c...
Valente for City Council
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Dear Editor: By now, we hope you have heard our dad, Angelo Valente, is running for one of the three open seats on the Hoboken City Council. He is committed to the future of Hoboken, so the quality...
Jen Giattino, she is trusted
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Dear Editor: Zoning Board Chair Endorses Giattino When Jen Giattino asked me to run for City Council I had to say yes. Jen is the only candidate totally independent from the interest groups funding...
Hoboken elections will have a big impact on life in the mile square city
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Dear Editor: This year we elect a Mayor, Council-at-large (3), and Board of Education Trustees (3). At least six candidates are vying for the office Mayor Zimmer will vacate in January. Many of the...
A larger vision of Jersey City
At-large council candidates debate at forum
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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In what many see as a hotly contested race for control of the City Council, eight candidates are seeking to fill three at-large seats. (At-large seats represent the entire city, while the other six...
New leadership for Hoboken
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Dear Editor: One of the few bright lights in an otherwise dark Trump era is the emergence in local politics of young progressive leaders. Local progressives have won municipal elections across the ...
Still undecided about mayoral race?
Read our guide and profiles to help you decide
by Marilyn Baer
Reporter Staff Writer
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On Nov. 7, voters will decide Hoboken’s future by electing new representatives for mayor, City Council, and school board. The Reporter has written several stories about differences among the six ca...
Supporting Jen for Mayor & Hoboken Proud for School Board
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Dear Editor, The simple reason we’re supporting Jen Giattino for Mayor is found in a picture. It’s a picture I took of Jen and her children with our family on Election Eve 2012 ready to campaign fo...
Public invited to domestic violence forum
Recent killings of women in Jersey City precede meeting
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Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez announced last week that her office and the Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership are inviting the public to an “empowerment forum” titled “Women St...