Mic Check, 2-0-1
A Jersey City hip hop group is poised for the big time
by Steven Rodas
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Up four floors. Past a narrow hallway. Two metal doors. A barren room just barely able to call itself a lounge with three couches, a television, Bob Marley poster, and pool table with an abandoned ...
6th Borough Market
Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon
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Just about everybody has had the experience of strolling downtown on a beautiful day. On many a warm-weather Sunday, you’d be hard-pressed to miss the lively, bustling scene that is the 6th Borough...
Double Spin
Ten-year-old twins rock the DJ scene
by Lauren Barbagallo
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Your debut performance at Madison Square Garden. It’s the iconic, career-defining moment every musician dreams about. This January, 10-year-old twin sisters and DJs Amira and Kayla Wells were about...
Got a Pain?
Call the Physical Therapist!
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Get a few active urbanites together at the dinner table, and pretty soon the conversation turns to aching body parts and how to treat them. Back in the day, people recommended doctors. Now, folks w...
David Diaz
Cheerleader in Chief for Central Ave.
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As with all urbanites, Jersey City residents think of their own hoods as little towns where they chat with their neighbors and shop in local stores. But Jersey City also has some pretty big shoppin...
An up-and-coming neighborhood full of surprises and really cool people.
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The once-sleepy Lafayette hood, roughly bounded by Pacific, Communipaw, Liberty State Park, and Johnston Avenue, has gone through a lot of changes in the last 16 years. When the Hudson-Bergen Light...
On Sight
With St. Joseph’s School for the Blind
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The St. Joseph’s School for the Blind moved into its new digs on Summit Avenue in 2007. It’s bright and modern and colorful, a beautiful learning environment for any kid but especially for ones who...
by Kate Rounds
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Delenio 357 7th St. (201) 798-9539 deleniojc.com Owner Jay Gitlin comes to the restaurant business by way of the bar business. He’d been managing bars and bartending for a while when he decided to ...
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18 PARK You can’t beat a Los Angelino when it comes to positive attitude. That’s what you experience when you listen to Annie Steinhaus talk about her new home, where she lives with husband Adam an...
Hitched Ahoy!
All hands on deck for romantic yacht weddings
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Attending a shipboard wedding on a gorgeous Saturday in JC can make you feel like you’ve missed the boat. Hey, why didn’t I think of that for my wedding? Or it might be just what you needed to take...