Weed on weed
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Dear editor: Re: Will City Go To Pot, Reporter, April 22. Our state, along with others, is wrestling with the problem of whether or not to "legalize" pot. The solution is simple. All NJ has to do i...
WalletHub calls Jersey City ‘most diverse’ in the nation
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JERSEY CITY – After comparing more than 500 of the largest cities in the nation, WalletHub, a personal finance website based in Washington, D.C., has determined that Jersey City is the most diverse...
Bayonne is in the Swim!
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It would be hard to find a Hudson County town that’s evolving as quickly as Bayonne. Its industrial heyday was fun and flush. When factories folded and before the light rail debuted, the city was a...
Christmastime, 1958
A Bayonne native chooses triumph over tragedy
by Kate Rounds
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Sometime after 10 p.m. on the evening of Dec. 18, 1958, a Staten Island thug named Dick Biegenwald and his benighted accomplice, a droopy-eyed, full-lipped loser named Jimmy Sparnroft headed to Bay...
Monumental Impression
Tears of joy and sadness for a giant memorial
by Kate Rounds
Photos by Marianne Troia
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There has probably been no time in the last seven decades when Russia has so dominated the headlines of U.S. newspapers: We were allies during the Second World War. We were chilly adversaries durin...
Here He Comes…
Mr. Garden State!
by Tara Ryazansky
Photos courtesy of Jamez Eli
Jamezeli.com, InstragramL @jamezeli
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Jamez Eli’s Instagram feed is heavy with images of gorgeous women. They each have flawless makeup, picture-perfect tresses, and glowing smiles. They know that thanks to Eli, they look good. But you...
It’s Not Even a Word …
… but it’s the last word in robust businesses
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The Bayonne Urban Enterprise Zone (BUEZ) came onboard in 2002 and in those 16 years, prospects for enterprises of all kinds have continued to improve. At the helm of the operation is BUEZ Coordinat...
From the Boulevard to Verdun
A European pilgrimage to honor Bayonne’s World War I veterans
by Pat Bonner
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Due to the passage of time, there are probably few people living today who knew or even spoke to any of the Bayonne servicemen who died in World War I. Eighty-seven names are listed in the state ar...
High and Dry
Bayonne Dry Dock’s indispensable mission
by Kate Rounds
Photos by Victor M. Rodriguez
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Unless you happen to be taking a cruise or are visiting the Tear Drop, you probably have never seen Bayonne Dry Dock up close. MOTBY is one of the most interesting locales in all of Bayonne. In pre...
From Mom’s Kitchen to Hell’s Kitchen
Chef Giovanni Filippone cooks up a storm
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If you have any lingering doubts about the bond between culture and cuisine, talk to TV Chef Giovanni Filippone. Giovanni arrived in Bayonne by way of Italy when he was 10 and still relies on his n...