Hoboken is its own worst enemy
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Dear Editor: Has anyone been paying attention and keeping track of all the sporadic development projects all over town? A couple of weeks ago I was walking on Willow at 14th Street and felt claustr...
Having a ball – Snow Ball, that is
Art House to host annual fund raising event on Jan. 23
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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A lot of things have changed since Art House Productions put on its first annual Snow Ball back in 2007. Art House Productions promotes the visual arts, theater, open mic nights, poetry, music, a v...
Town gets a butterfly meadow (and flood control)
Multi-purpose nature park to be built around radio tower
by Art Schwartz
Reporter staff writer
Jan 17, 2016 | 1 1 comments | 22 22 recommendations | email to a friend
Secaucus is getting a new park, but humans will have to share it. Half the park will be a dedicated Monarch Butterfly Meadow. The other half is a rain garden. “It’s a passive park, without things l...
Building a community
Controversy and war followed opening of Meadowview Village in 1940
by Art Schwartz
Reporter staff writer
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Second in a three-part series Editor’s Note: This story is the second in a three-part series that looks at the time in the 1930s and 1940s when shacks were replaced by federal low-income housing in...
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A mass of Christian burial took place Jan. 8 at Saint Aloysius Church, Jersey City, for Lucy P. Burns, 90, of Manchester and Jersey City. She passed away Jan. 2. Lucy began her career as a Wire Equ...
The champs are here!
Joyous parade celebrates football team’s 10th state championship
by Steven Rodas
Reporter Staff Writer
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The city of Hoboken wore the Redwings black and red proudly as the high school football team paraded down Washington Street on Wednesday, Jan. 13 to celebrate their 10th state championship. Shop ow...
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Dear Editor: Our 8th Annual Hoboken Family Alliance Holiday Toy and Pajama Drive was a success! Our local Hoboken Families know the true meaning of giving during the holidays! Thank you to everyone...
Innis takes over as head of Prep wrestling team
by Jim Hague
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Brian Innis had an inkling that the inevitable was going to happen, that long-time St. Peter’s Prep head wrestling coach Anthony Verdi was going to step aside because of family commitments. “I knew...
Bienvenue, Hoboken!
A former resident returns and shares her thoughts
by Jenny Klion
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Never mind the recent water main breaks, each one butting up against my new apartment building. I really like Hoboken! I lived in Hoboken 20 years ago, and paid $200 a month for a huge place on 10t...
Bagpipes in Africa
Secaucus pipe band members perform in Kenya
by Art Schwartz
Reporter staff writer
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It was a cross-cultural extravaganza as poor villagers crowded the streets of an African boom town to watch Indian performers from around the globe – including from a Secaucus temple – playing loca...