Hoboken's Ragamuffin Parade seems to get bigger every year!
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HOBOKEN -- Here are a few photos from Hoboken's traditional Ragamuffin Parade. With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, it was bigger and better than ever! Have you ever noticed that a lot o...
Local theater, local stars
‘Jackson is Gone’ features cast and crew from Union City, Weehawken and West New York
by Joseph Passantino
Reporter staff writer
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Want to attend an entertaining off-Broadway-like play produced in your own backyard, with actors and staff who are your neighbors or maybe those shopping next to you at the supermarket each week? T...
Halloween's over, says grumpy pumpky
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HOBOKEN -- This photo, shot in Hoboken by one of our editors last year, said it all. Halloween's over. But the good news is, there are approximately 55 shopping days left until Christmas! The decor...
Day of giving
Samsung’s ‘Day of Service’ took place on Oct. 16
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Samsung Electronics closed the doors to its offices in the U.S. and Canada on Oct. 16 to take part in the company’s Day of Service. Employees in Hudson County took part in two events, one called “O...
Place your trust in me
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Dear Editor: I am Annette Chaparro, and I am asking the voters of the 33rd District to elect me as their representative in the General Assembly on Nov. 3. There are many important issues facing our...
Council president threw me out of meeting to censor the truth
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Dear Friends: A funny thing happened at the October 21, 2015 City Council meeting. I was physically ejected by the Hoboken Police on orders from City Council President, Ravi Bhalla! What had I done...
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Dear Editor: The thing about a hurricane, about a flood, the thing about the filth, the mountains of sodden possessions growing on sidewalks, in the streets –and it’s still raining! - is it tells u...
Why I am stepping forward to run for 4th Ward Council
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Dear Hoboken Neighbors: When I was growing up here in Hoboken, our city was a very different place. But in the ways that really matter, it hasn’t changed that much – families raising their children...
Mayor Zimmer needs all the tools in her toolbox
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Dear Editor: When Mayor Zimmer first took office in 2009, she inherited a political mess. Our city was plagued by rampant corruption, budget shortfalls, and unbridled development. In just a few sho...
Mayor Zimmer endorses City Council and school board candidates
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Dear Editor: On Tuesday, we have another critically important Hoboken election for City Council and school board. In previous weeks, I have written to express my support for Mike Defusco in the 1st...