Supporting Anthony Romano
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Dear Editor: Election Day – November 7, 2017. The voters of Hoboken will be making a choice among six candidates for Mayor. As a resident of nearly 40 years, I can safely say that this election wil...
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Funeral services have been held for John J. O'Brien, 89, a lifelong Hoboken resident. He passed away at Carepoint Health-Hoboken University Medical Center on Oct. 14. John was a retired administrat...
Local linebacker is Athlete of the Week in sports column
by Jim Hague
Reporter Sports Columnist
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The following is an extra section of Jim Hague’s sports column that ran last week. (You can also find it on For the past two seasons, Raequan Andrews was a linebacker/running ba...
McNair’s Nasser emerges as top harrier
Steps in as leader of the Cougars
by Jim Hague
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A year ago, the McNair Academic High School cross country team had a senior leader/do everything in senior Haig Rickerby . When Rickerby graduated and took a scholarship to Boston University in the...
Gabert marks 25th anniversary as HCCC president
Built a school with uncertain prospects into a learning center
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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When Dr. Glenn Gabert took over as the president of Hudson County Community College in 1992 – the fifth president or acting president to serve in three years – the campus consisted of one building ...
City Baptist celebrates its fifth anniversary
Bible-based church congregation began after 9/11
by Marilyn Baer
Reporter Staff Writer
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Hoboken’s City Baptist Church recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. The church, begun Oct. 14, 2012 by Pastor Philip Rizzo in a rented storefront on Jefferson Street with a few parishioners, h...
Conflict in the Heights
Candidates for Ward D face off in forum
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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Parking, public transportation, development, and clean streets were chief concern as City Council candidates debated in a Ward D forum sponsored by the Riverview Neighborhood Association on Sept. 2...
Call Congress, oppose gun loopholes
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Dear Editor: Over the coming weeks, PACs, special interest groups, and members of Congress will be pushing two innocuously named pieces of legislation from their agenda: HR 2406, Concealed Carry Re...
Thank you to the heroic stranger who helped me out
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Dear Editor: In a world that often seems as though it is falling apart there are STILL plenty of good people in it! During my weekly visit to WalMart for supplies I seemed to have left my purse (MY...
Supporting Steven Kilawattie
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Dear Editor: I am supporting my longtime friend, Steven Kilawattie, for council in the first ward I have known Steven for 8 years and have witnessed his passion and kind heart for the Secaucus comm...