African-Americans in times of war
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To the Editor: On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, as part of its celebration of Black History Month and this year's theme of "African-Americans in Times of War," Bayonne High School students had the pl...
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All Saints Catholic Academy just ended their CYO season. Head coach Birdie Reyes said He can’t be any prouder these kids learned Basketball 101. They showed how to act not only when winning but als...
Eyes on the pretzel prize
Homegrown family brings Philly to Bayonne
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The Mangine family is happy to be back after returning to their hometown in May of 2017 to open the Philly Pretzel Factoryon Broadway between 33rd and 34th streets. They’re from Bayonne. They love ...
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Costco to break ground in coming weeks, opening late 2018 The city and Costco officially closed on a deal that sold a parcel of land on the former Military Ocean Terminal Base for a new Costco ware...
A message to my fellow Bayonne veterans
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To the Editor: I want like to advise my fellow veterans in Bayonne to ask their tax advisors if they are entitled to a personal deduction on their New Jersey state taxes for 2017. This has not been...
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What a great experience for the Division of Recreation Ability Day Program and Special Needs Sports Program as they were on the court with the Rutgers players for the playing of the National Anthem!
In Tune with June!
by June Sturz
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Editor’s Note: This month marks the 34th year of the In Tune with June! column. What does one do when you’re the daughter of the Swedish actress, Ingrid Bergman, and an Italian film director, Rober...
Homeless or cold? County warming center to remain open Tue through Thur
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HUDSON COUNTY -- After consulting with County Office of Emergency Management Director James Woods regarding recent weather reports, the county has decided to keep open the Hudson County Warming Cen...
Apparent murder-suicide in Jersey City--man, woman, dead, toddlers unharmed
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JERSEY CITY – In what appears to be a murder-suicide, Jersey City police found a man and woman dead inside an apartment on Mina Drive on March 5. Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said at appr...
Statistics say this year's Hoboken LepreCon was calmer
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HOBOKEN -- According to city officials, last Saturday’s annual St. Patrick's-themed bar crawl, sometimes known as LepreCon, was considerably more mild than in years passed. "In my 25 years of polic...