Police fire and miss a man allegedly wielding a fake gun
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BAYONNE -- Tragedy was averted on the evening of Wednesday, September 12, when a Bayonne police officer fired shots and missed a psychologically distressed 25-year-old man who allegedly pointed a f...
'Lewd activity' in Hoboken bar makes national news
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Hoboken has more than 130 liquor licenses in its square mile, distributed among restaurants, bars, and liquor stores. It's known as a fun place to eat and drink. But when one of those bars hosted a...
Longtime Hoboken school board member resigns
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HOBOKEN -- Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Irene Sobolov resigned from her seat on the board on Sept. 13. She has served on the Board of Education for the past nine years and was reelected to he...
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77, of Bayonne, passed away on September 1, 2018. Born in Andrychy, Poland, she immigrated to the United States in 1991 where she resided for the past 27 years in Bayonne. She was the daughter of t...
DASH, MARY (nee: Urbanski)
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101, of Bayonne passed away at her residence on September 5. Mary was a wife to the late Joseph, a mother to Mary Hughes, Wanda Pelligrino, Dorothy Spasato, Joseph Dash, and Anne Michaels. A grandm...
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50, of Bayonne, has passed away. Born in Bayonne, Steven lived in Hawaii for the last 20 years. Steven is survived by ex-wife Donna Gibson Minotto Lawson and daughters Emily and Ashley Minotto; Son...
Ask the Ump!
by Mike Lynch
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FIELDING QUESTION : In high school, baseball and softball, runner on second base; one out; batter-runner hits a foul fly ball which is caught by right fielder. The fielder’s momentum takes him / he...
Bayonne’s bugaboo? Parking!
Two garages planned; one completed
by Rory Pasquariello
Staff writer
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Finding a parking space in Bayonne’s commercial districts is no easy task. Residents and visitors often circle the city’s wide blocks looking for spaces near Broadway. In midtown, calls for parking...
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For the second time this season, Jerome Hayes, the slugging star on Mark Sportswear, has hit a Homerun over the monster fence at the Yard at Quartz Master Stadium. In doing so, the rookie LG star m...
PADUSZYNSKI, GRACE, M.D. (nee: Wojcik)
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61, of Bayonne, formerly of Poland, passed away at home on September 4, 2018. She was predeceased by her beloved parents, Stanislaw and Genowefa (Madej) Wojcik and her sister Krystyna Groniak. Left...