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Summer Green Health Fair on June 21 Mayor Nicholas A. Sacco, the North Bergen Health Department, and the North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority invite residents to attend the Summer Green Healt...
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‘Cultural Refugees’ exhibition of North Hudson artists opens La Ola, a group of artists from North Hudson County, are exhibiting their art in a show entitled “Cultural Refugees” at Northern Soul ba...
Banks reject Hoboken Housing Authority employee checks; Wefer, Garcia trade charges
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HOBOKEN – The ongoing conflict between Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Chairwoman Dana Wefer took a new turn on Friday when HHA employees found that they were ...
Zimmer declines comment on potential indictments of Christie aides
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HOBOKEN – She’s read the Esquire magazine story, based on anonymous sources, saying Bridge-gate related indictments of allies of Gov. Christopher Christie are “near-certain,” but Mayor Dawn Zimmer ...
Old and New
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In an ever-evolving town like Hoboken, it’s a real challenge to embrace new development, new trends, new businesses, and new neighbors, while maintaining the traditions and charm that have put Hobo...
Schnackies Lives
It was a delicate balance between evocation and restoration
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The layer cakes on the countertop. The vintage milkshake machine. The bow-tied waiters. Yes, this is the legendary Schnackenberg’s—with some subtle changes. To spot them is sort of like spotting th...
Hurling, You Say?
The most famous sport you’ve never heard of
by Dean DeChiaro
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If you were to ask 10 Hobokenites which sport was famously played here for the very first time, nine would tell you that, of course, it’s baseball. But if you put the same question to David Cosgrov...
Heart and Sole
Longtime cobbler heels the town
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So, I buy this cool-looking pair of retro penny loafers. The problem? The leather is so stiff that a year later, I still haven’t been able to break them in. I’m no Emelda Marcos, so when I have a s...
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More Parks Please!
Fund for a Better Waterfront advocates for open space along the Hudson
by Sean Allocca
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Access to the Hudson can certainly ease the monotony of city dwelling—the honking horns and clanging of passing trucks. The Fund for a Better Waterfront (FBW) was formed around the simple idea that...