Pediatricians raise concerns about “walk-in” clinics in drug stores and malls
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Should you take your child to a nearby “walk-in” clinic for what you think is a minor medical problem? Recently a Wall Street Journal article * reported that The Ame...
WNY Mayor Roque reportedly saves man hit by bricks
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WEST NEW YORK -- According to a published article, West New York Mayor Felix Roque resuscitated a man injured in a partial building collapse Tuesday evening. At least four people were injured when ...
Bayonne resident representing area in national Special Olympics competition
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BAYONNE –Ian Hudacko of Bayonne is representing Bayonne, Hudson County, and all of New Jersey at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games being held this week in the Mercer County area. Hudacko, 21, was...
There’s no wrong way to eat a smoothie… or is there?
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When most people think about smoothies, they imagine that these blended shakes are good for their health. While smoothies can be delicious and packed with nutrients, they can also be laden with sug...
"The notion of bite-wing X-rays every year and a full set of X-rays every three years for every patient should go in the garbage can"
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Recently an article in the Los Angeles Times * discussed the practice of annual dental x-rays. ‘Dental X-rays are essential for detecting serious oral and systemic health pr...
Volunteers needed for PERC activities
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UNION CITY – The Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation (PERC) runs a homeless shelter in Union City and does other good works. PERC is holding several events this week and they are looking for ...
DeMarco appointed to serve as Davis transition chairman in Bayonne
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BAYONNE – Mayor-elect Jimmy Davis announced the selection of Joe DeMarco as transition team chairman on Monday, June 16, less than a week after Davis’s upset victory over Mayor Mark Smith in their ...
Temp to soar to 91 on Wednesday, followed by thunderstorm
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HUDSON COUNTY -- The temperatures will be high this week, in the 70s and 80s. On Wednesday, the temp is expected to soar to 91, followed by an afternoon thunderstorm. Accuweather also predicts a th...
Many physicians do not accept Medicare!
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Don't assume your doctor takes Medicare - ask and make sure! Otherwise you may get a surprise – a bill to pay and no reimbursement! Recently, a WSJ article * explain...
It’s a gas, gas, gas
Father’s Day cards focus on bathroom habits, flatulence
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Note: This story is from 2012, an oldie but goodie. The same trend was noticed this year. Are men that disgusting? Each year, aside from the usual Father’s Day cards about fishing, sports, power to...