New books by local authors
From dating after 40 to best sellers, wordsmiths are at work
by Marilyn Baer
Reporter Staff Writer
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Hudson County is rife with local authors. At least six authors in the area have released or are in the process or releasing new books. There may be more, so if you have something coming from a publ...
What’s so funny?
A comedy scene grows throughout Hudson County
by Rory Pasquariello
Reporter staff writer
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Hoboken-based comedian Dan Frigolette was performing recently at Hoboken’s Cadillac Cantina bar and told a story about a recent visit to Oklahoma. “I said I lived [near] New York and they go, ‘Oh, ...
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Jersey City pledges to remain ‘welcoming inclusive’ On the heels of mass demonstrations across the country in reaction to the election of Donald Trump as president, the City Council passed a resolu...
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WNY school board race seat decided In a vote that took two weeks long to tabulate, West New York Board of Education President Adam Parkinson was declared the winner of the third and remaining seat ...
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Moroccan Independence Day celebrated Nov. 18 This year for the first time North Bergen commemorated Moroccan Independence Day by raising the Moroccan flag over Town Hall. The ceremony on Nov. 18, m...
Special kids get chance to play soccer and win
Union City Unified Soccer team wins Shriver Cup
by Jim Hague
Nov 27, 2016 | 1 1 comments | 42 42 recommendations | email to a friend
Ransley Suaza is a 16-year-old sophomore at Union City High School. He also loves soccer. Suaza knows all the players on the Union City soccer team and follows the progress of the Soaring Eagles re...
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In light of Hoboken crash, NJ Transit won’t allow engineers who exhibit apnea symptoms to operate trains On Nov 16 the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced they are working on regulation...
The election of elections
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Dear Editor: Today I witnessed the collapse of the Democratic Party. Anyone who knows me well knows I have said that Obama and Clinton would destroy the Democratic Party. The political machine behi...
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Local political wag Dean Kemph passes away at 61 Dean W. Kemph passed away suddenly from a heart attack at his Weehawken home on Nov. 16 at the age of 61. He was born in Rhode Island, lived in New ...
The other side of Alexander Hamilton
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Dear Editor: In an Oct. 9 article “Hamilton on the Hudson” (Weehawken, where Burr killed Hamilton) you quote Jim Furman, one of the visitors to the site: “Hamilton is the father of modern banking. ...