Attorney General’s office removes documents from North Bergen municipal hall
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NORTH BERGEN – Exiting down the rear steps of North Bergen’s Municipal Hall, law enforcement officers representing the state Attorney General loaded cardboard boxes into the backs of several vehicl...
Secaucus mayor, council to join march for worker’s rights
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SECAUCUS – The mayor of Secaucus and members of city council will rally with displaced workers of one of the town’s premier office buildings this afternoon at 4 p.m. After 21 years of service, nine...
Irish flag raising scheduled in Bayonne
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BAYONNE – The Irish flag-raising ceremony that was postponed because of a snowstorm during the first week of the month will be held on Tuesday, March 10 at 5 p.m. at City Hall, an official said.
Bayonne firefighters contain gas fire at plant
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BAYONNE – Bayonne firefighters contained a gas turbine fire on Monday, March 9 that had temperatures recorded as high as 900 degrees, according to fire officials. At 12:56 a.m., the Bayonne Fire De...
Reform Update: Patients' cost sensitivity worries some doctors
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Recently Modern Healthcare *noted: “Doctors who are more accustomed to fielding patient questions about the benefits of procedures, tests, drugs and specialist refer...
CarePoint has $750 M impact on state
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CarePoint Health released a financial impact study covering four years showing that the hospital network has had a $750 million positive impact on the state. A review and projection over a four yea...
Meyler to read inspirational poems in Jersey City
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Katie Meyler, founder of the More Than Me Foundation & Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year,’ is going to perform her inspirational poems and story about her battle for the lives of vulnerable young...
Democrats endorse Chaparro of Hoboken for state Assembly, replacing Carmelo Garcia
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HOBOKEN -- Annette Chaparro will run for state Assembly in the 33rd District, representing Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken, and some of Jersey City, on a ticket backed by State Sen. Brian Stack. She...
Report: Stevens ranked third nationwide for return on investment
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HOBOKEN—At $44,210 a year, tuition at Stevens Institute of Technology is far from cheap, but according to a recent report, it is well worth the investment. Stevens was ranked third out of 1,223 col...
Local Dad joins fight to get 'Amazon Moms' to change to 'Amazon Family'
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In a movement inspired by the recent passing of a beloved online "dad blogger," Oren Miller, from lung cancer at the age of 41, dad bloggers across the world have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Ins...