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WSJ says investigation of Zimmer’s Christie claims has 'fizzled' Most New Jersey political watchers expect imminent indictments from the U.S. Attorney’s office in its year-plus investigation of the...
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Three candidates who ran uncontested for three seats on a nine-member panel were elected to the Weehawken Township Board of Education on Tuesday. Out of 999 votes cast, Richard Barsa received 386, ...
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Independent Film Series screens final film for season this Sunday The Friends of the Secaucus Public Library will be showing the 2013 English-language foreign film “One Thousand Times Goodnight” at...
Calling all men!
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Dear Editor: Although I do not want to jinx it, it finally feels like spring is here. As you are going through your winter clothing to put away for the season, please keep in mind our amazing Hobok...
Standing behind Senator Menendez
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Dear Editor: I am a great supporter of Senator Bob Menendez. He stands for the people of New Jersey and for the United States of America. I’ve had the privilege of attending Senator Bob Menendez’s ...
The early bird catches the worm?
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Even for Hoboken, April contemplation of a November election is considered early. But with control of the City Council riding on nearly every election, even April may not be early enough. Six of th...
"Road to the Penn Relays"
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The Hoboken Education Association's Pride Committee donated "Road to the Penn Relays" T-Shirts to the Hoboken High School Outdoor Track Team for their participation in the upcoming Penn Relays Trac...
Easter Parade
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Pictured left to right at West New York Commissioner Count J. Wiley’s Easter Day events are Hector Hernandez, Thomas Leung, Esq., Easter Bunny, West New York Commissioner Wiley and Myrli Sanchez.
Enlivening Ourselves
by Dr. Sallie Norquist
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Dear Dr. Norquist: I keep noticing that I act differently depending on who I am with. With my girlfriends I’m silly and girly. With my parents I only show the part of me that they can accept – the ...