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Funeral services were held Feb. 5 for Ilse Grossmann, 76. She passed away peacefully at home. Born in Bremerhaven, Germany, Ilse immigrated to the United States in 1957, settling in Hoboken. A reti...
Election schedules and unintended consequences
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Dear Editor: There are problems with December runoffs, but, despite what the blogs say, increasing voter fraud isn’t one of them. 1,000 bought and paid for votes don’t matter less in November when ...
Writing against hate
Student places third countywide with Holocaust poem
by Hannington Dia
Reporter Staff Writer
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“The police came, looking for the Jews/ I laid down, let someone else be my muse.” These lines aren't from Holocaust Anne Frank's famed diary, but from an award-winning poem by North Bergen High Sc...
Culture celebrated
LGBTQ, Black History, and other arts events upcoming
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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Arts programs throughout Jersey City will highlight diversity in the next month. In the mix: A show about the visual legacy of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) experience on Broa...
Young Snyder team trying to come of age
by Jim Hague
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Shelton Gibbs knew that his Snyder High School boys’ basketball team might endure some growing pains in the 2017-18 season. “We’re very young,” Gibbs said. “We have six sophomores on the team that ...
Flapjacks and syrup
Scouts hold annual pancake breakfast fundraiser
by Hannington Dia
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Flapjacks, sausage, and syrup were on order at the Masonic Temple Jan. 4, as Secaucus Boy Scout Troop 22 held their annual pancake breakfast fundraiser, now in its 11th year. Donations were $8 at t...
An unfair Hoboken survey, and no runoffs
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Dear Editor: Unless you have a computer and are signed up for City of Hoboken Nixle emails, you knew nothing about a survey that Mayor Bhalla sent out Jan. 22 asking the community for input on the ...
'Every painting has a story'
Renowned Secaucus illustrator talks creative process, future plans
by Hannington Dia
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Perhaps Secaucus' most interesting story collection is inside a quiet, unassuming one-story home at the end of Huber Street. It's not behind the front door, but just beneath it, instead -- a wooden...
Cruise Control
Ongoing Driving Miss Daisy a theatrical feat
by Jeff Kreisler
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There’s no more twisting our finger into our cheek and declaring, “Hey, golly gee, Hoboken’s actually got a great theatre. Who’d’a thunk it?” It should no longer be a surprise. Great theatre is her...
Back to the future
Activists press NJ Transit to replace diesel buses with electric
by Al Sullivan
Reporter staff writer
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Electrified public transportation went out of fashion late in the 20th century as gasoline-powered vehicles became prevalent. But activists on Feb. 6 held what they called a “Transit Equity Rally” ...