Kid Cuts
Getting that first trim doesn’t need to be a hair-raising experience
by Tara Ryazansky
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G etting primped and pampered might be enjoyable for adults, but for kids those snipping scissors can trigger a meltdown.  Luckily, Hoboken has salons that cater to kiddie clientele and make haircu...
Working Out With 07030
Police Chief Ken Ferrante
By Mario A. Martinez
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At a time when most Hobokenites are enjoying the final dream cycle of their REM sleep, Chief of Police Ken Ferrante is already out the door. It’s just before dawn, and the New York City skyline is ...
Silly on Sixth
Floundering fairy godmothers and wacky witches get standing ovation
by Arlene Phalon Baldassari
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Of all the things that make Hoboken special, Silly on Sixth plays a unique role. For the last 12 years, this program of the Hudson Theatre Ensemble (HTE) has been introducing the magic of theater t...
by Kate Rounds
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Little City Books 100 Bloomfield St. (201) 626-7323 T he handwritten notes posted all over Little City Books say as much as anything about the ethos of this corner bookshop. The...
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PARK AND GARDEN A llison and Allen Bari, owners of the Hudson Table culinary studio, moved to Park and Garden in October of last year because it had everything they were looking for in an urban ren...
BAC Back to Basics
A furniture design company with Hoboken roots branches out
by Steven Rodas
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W hen he first started out, Andrew Coslow’s friends commissioned him to make original furniture in their homes. His studio was his Bloomfield Street apartment, where his tools were meager compared ...
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Academic Gateway Stevens Institute of Technology is developing a two-building project set for completion in fall, 2018. The complex will satisfy the university’s growing need for academic and resea...
Law Partners
The Waterfront Project works for the poor
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M ost people worry about money when they need a lawyer to advocate on their behalf. But homeless and poor people have no chance whatsoever to get the legal help they need. Enter the Waterfront Proj...
An Unflinching Eye
It’s All in the Details: Photographs of 1980s Hoboken by Michael Flanagan
by Melissa Abernathy
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T hirty-five years ago, Hoboken was a very different place. Instead of a waterfront walkway, the Hudson River was lined with vacant warehouses and decaying wooden piers. Where there are now trendy ...
EATERY 07030
Jack and Co.
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W e arrive at Jack and Co. early on a Wednesday evening, just before the dinner crowd starts to roll in. The décor is a happy medium between urban chic and rustic elegance, with exposed brick walls...