'American Dream' expected to open in 2019
Former Xanadu mall/recreation complex will affect other towns
by Hannington Dia
Reporter Staff Writer
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The heavily-delayed “American Dream” project in East Rutherford – a recreational/retail complex on Route 3, formerly known as “Xanadu” -- may have acquired enough construction financing to open in ...
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West New York man fatally stabbed in Guttenberg A West New York man was fatally stabbed in Guttenberg last Friday evening, according to a press release from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. A...
City’s contract with Suez
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Dear Editor: Mayor Zimmer’s comments about “postponing a positive result for political reasons would be irresponsible.” don’t seem to make a lot of sense. Jumping into a contract that guarantees a ...
50 years since the Summer of Love
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Dear Editor: This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love.” From an historical perspective, the “Summer of Love” wasn’t very “lovely.” Global civil unrest, racial tensions in the U...
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NY federal prosecutors to investigate Kushner Companies’ funding of One Journal Square A report in The Wall Street Journal last week said New York federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Kushner Compan...
Enlivening Ourselves
by Dr. Sallie Norquist
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(Dr. Norquist is on vacation this week. We are re-running a letter that was published earlier in this column.) Dear Dr. Norquist: I am a very religious person. I feel very lost with regard to what ...
The United States needs to secure its borders
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Dear Editor: Responding to Mr. Oakley’s letter of June 4, you can’t believe everything you read in the papers, especially when Mr. Oakley uses fake news or just plain wrong facts like, “Although th...
Drug education/rehabilitation
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Dear Editor: Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. In 2014, it surpassed both car accidents and gun violence in number of deaths. Those with loved ones wh...
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Union City police officer dies in multi-vehicle crash; third loss to department in seven months The Union City Police Department lost an officer in a multi-vehicle crash Thursday, July 27, accordin...