Infrastructure plan
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Dear editor: So: Trump's much ballyhooed 1.4 trillion infrastructure plan seeks to shift most of the financial burden onto the states, money which NJ doesn't have. According to NJ Senator Menendez ...
North Bergen freshman wrestler Cantor earns his way to Atlantic City
by Jim Hague
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Justin Cantor was all of seven years old when he was introduced to the sport of wrestling. Cantor’s older brother, Jeff Rivera , was a member of the North Bergen High School wrestling team, so it w...
Will Fulop fill out his term as mayor?
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Enraged downtown Jersey City residents might well give their vote to Mayor Steven Fulop if he runs for the House of Representatives, if only to get rid of him. Rumors of Fulop’s looking to run for ...
Enlivening Ourselves
by Dr. Sallie Norquist
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Dear Dr. Norquist: I can’t find anyone I’m compatible with. I’m 24, single, male, live in Hoboken and work in NYC. I do get to meet lots of people at work and have a few friends, one a longtime fri...
Two things tend to be overlooked in the wrangle over the Jersey City re-evaluation
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Dear Editor: First, when taxes are doubled, tripled and quadrupled, in the absence of a presidential declaration of a national emergency, it is indicative of a failure of government at all levels, ...
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Update on recent City Hall security breach The Hoboken Police Department has been investigating a Feb. 15 incident in which a man entered City Hall just before 8 p.m. and left a bag there. Mayor Ra...
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Annual Dr. Seuss celebration scheduled for Tuesday, other one postponed A Dr. Seuss event at the North Bergen Public Library, “Storytime with Mayor Nicholas Sacco,” has been postponed from Friday u...
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Another scathing report on county jail detainees A report issued by Human Rights First in late February highlighted continuing problems at the Hudson County Correctional Facility (HCCF) and other N...
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Five candidates file to run for school board Five candidates have filed petitions to run for three three-year spots in the April 17 Weehawken Board of Education elections. The candidates include th...