Triumphing Over Tragedy
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Tara Ryazansky’s cover story is about some of our Bayonne neighbors who have transcended horrible personal tragedies by giving back to the community. In this issue we salute Margaret Abrams, Pam O’...
Accidental Activists
Turning unspeakable tragedies into forces for good
by Tara Ryazansky
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Pam O’Donnell walks the baseball field with her daughter Ali and their new dog, Peanut. Stephen R. Gregg Park means a lot to her family. She often circles the bases, talking to her husband and reme...
Helping People at All Times BLP
Girls Scouts uphold a century-old tradition
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The scrumptious “S” word will be forever linked to the Girl Scouts—s’mores. If you were a Girl Scout, it’s hard to forget that burnt-marshmallow messy concoction with the name that says it all. But...
Capturing the friendliest places in town
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To be clear, it’s far from last call for Bayonne’s many neighborhood bars. But with development mushrooming, new high rises going up, and waterfront improvements in the works, these iconic watering...
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Seems like our four-legged friends love making an appearance in Bayonne. Here are some more images of our ever-popular non-taxpaying friends and neighbors. Please remember to email your city critte...
Vince Virga
by Anand Rao
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I was a little nervous when I was asked to work out with Vincent Virga. Never having trained with a triathlete, I was worried about not being able to stay the course, much less write a feature abou...
That’s All Right
Bayonne Elvis is all shook up
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You’ve no doubt seen it—or at least heard it: a white van cruising up Broadway, blaring Elvis songs from its speakers. Now that our office is on Broadway in Bayonne, this is an almost daily occurre...
A Regular Bayonne Guy
Unsung hero has been flying under the radar
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Bayonne native David Watson has played backup for some pretty fancy musicians. The limelight and the spotlight never shone on him, but he was fine with that; he also loved teaching music at local s...
The Hudson Reporter
by Tara Ryazansky
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I’ve been writing for The Hudson Reporter for a few years, but not in the office. I do my part over email and telephone by pitching stories and doing interviews with notable locals for Bayonne: Lif...
Bruce Dillin
by Al Sullivan
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Some people come in to Eddy’s Bar on Kennedy Boulevard around 5 p.m. on weekdays, knowing Bruce Dillin will be there after he closes up his shop, Dillin Tire Company. With the family business next ...