Abuse of helpless patients must be stopped
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Dear Editor:

Another despicable act of cruelty was inflicted upon the innocent. I’m not speaking of the war zone in which violence and crimes are regularly committed by vicious animals that plague and terrorize our lives throughout the day. That seems to multiply in darkness, which offers a camouflaged shadow of arrogance to their existence?

These creatures are more cunning and cowardice. They prey on the weak and the defenseless in our society, who haven’t the abilities or capabilities to defend themselves against these sadistic uncompassionate tormentors. They are found in places where you least expect and could ever imagine. Who are these subterranean maggots? Well, unfortunately they’re the ones we unknowingly trust the most, in caring for ourselves, and our families in sickness, injury and disabilities. They are the renegade healthcare professionals.

The recently shocking gruesome discovery that was made by a victim’s daughter, who identified a nurse’s aide, at a Senior Home striking her paralyzed 87 year old mother several times on her head. She placed a hidden camera in her room, which secretly taped this vile unspeakable act.

Where were her supervisors? Where were her co-workers? Did everyone turn their backs; close their eyes, to this unconscionable brutality? How was this initiated, without being noticed?

Most medical establishments realize that family members have additional obligations, and are unable to administer constant care. Also, restricting hours of visitation, limits any potential documented observations of abnormal or improper professional behavior.

Most of these high profiled atrocities have been associated with senior nursing homes or mentally challenged care facilities. Sadly, there’s no vaccine to ward off these institutional infections of neglect and mistreatment. Each one has the potentiality of being at risk. This leaves legitimate suspicions of uncertainty, and distrust throughout every aspect and position associated with the whole medical field public and private.

Regrettably, we consecrate more on investigating a product warranty, than our medical care givers. Most of us meet these individuals for the first time when we are admitted, or when we are faced with emergency situations, forcing immediate care with no alternatives.

The medical walls of secrecy are thick and soundproof. Government agencies have no clue, leaving us to rely on our own defenses. If you truly believe that the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services have the capabilities to weed out and police these medical establishments and positions, then there’s a good chance you own shares in the Brooklyn Bridge.

The accuracy in registering all such related abuses is virtually uncertain, because of their explosive nature, if made public. They would obviously ruin any facility’s reputation labeling them as unsafe and unprofessional. These unknown, hidden regressive abominations endorse instability and incompetence, abandoning morals, for the sake of increased profits?

All medical establishments must be required to have a 24/7 surveillance system monitoring patients that are incoherent, mentally incapable or physically incapacitated, periodically reviewed by an independent source. Zero tolerance must be enforced on anyone convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

William P. Frasca

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