Jeff Hardy destroys TNA
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This year has come in with a big bang for TNA wrestling, and not in a good way. Last week, TNA held its “Victory Road” PPV. The main event was billed as Sting vs. Jeff Hardy. Sting had just returned to TNA a couple of weeks earlier to take the world title away from Hardy. Things were looking up for TNA; the upstart company pulled off their best Neilsen Rating for “Impact” in over a year (1.4).

There was somewhat of a buzz for “Victory Road.” Accompanying the Sting/Hardy feud was a number-one contender’s match with Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam. “Victory Road” was going to set up an exciting path to the company’s very exciting “Lockdown” PPV, where every match is inside a steel cage.

All this buzz and goodwill was swept away in a matter of about 60 seconds. That is exactly how long it took for Jeff Hardy to disgrace TNA and the entire world of wrestling. Nothing is confirmed, so the Sixshooter has to say allegedly. But what has been reported from backstage sources is a scary reminder of how substance abuse can destroy a career.

Sources backstage say that Hardy allegedly was not in any state to wrestle that Sunday. Hardy was thought to be on some sort of substance, putting him in an inebriated state. The story goes that Sting refused to have a prolonged match with Hardy because of his condition.

As a fan watching Hardy stroll crookedly towards the ring, there was a sense that something was wrong. Sting looked genuinely agitated, and then the unthinkable began. Eric Bischoff was sent out to tell both wrestlers the match needed to be over immediately. On air, Bischoff was playing his character and telling a story of there now being a no disqualification stipulation. But it was clear to see; Bischoff put the microphone down next to both wrestlers and gave instructions.

Backstage sources say Sting was told to end the match immediately. As the bell rang, Jeff Hardy began to sloppily taunt the crowd by trying to throw his shirt into it. Sting looked on with disgust as he waited for Hardy. Sting then hit Hardy with a punch, Scorpion Death Drop, and then pinned him for the win.

It was plain to see that Hardy was trying to get out of the pin. Sting hooked his leg and did not let him up. Sources say Hardy did not know this was going to happen. As Sting’s music played, Hardy sat confused. The crowd then started to yell obscenities about what they thought of the match and as Sting walked up the ramp, it was easy to hear what he uttered back – “I agree!”

This did not sit well with the Sixshooter. Paying for a PPV, I want my PPV to end on time and to be exciting. This PPV ended 15 minutes early. The Sixshooter emailed TNA and demanded an apology from TNA President Dixie Carter. Much to my surprise, one was given to me. One has to respect a president of a company to have the capacity to know when her fans have been wronged, but one has to also say this should have been avoided.

Jeff Hardy has had nothing but legal trouble the past several years. Sources have always told stories of Hardy’s substance abuse issues. TNA should have never let Hardy get into the ring if there was even a mere thought of an issue. Instead, TNA let Hardy destroy their reputation/credibility and all in just under 60 seconds.

The WWE has reached out to the past to promote “Wrestlemania.” Trish Stratus, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, HHH, and the Rock have all returned to help sell the big event. This nostalgia tour was needed. “Raw” and “Smackdown” have been missing the “it” factor for a long time, and in three short weeks the WWE has brought back their attitude.

The Rock has been a joy to watch and listen to, and the Sixshooter does not mind seeing HHH if he is not fighting for a world title. Stone Cold and Trish Stratus are a nice bonus, as well. The Sixshooter expects this year’s “Wrestlemania” to go down in the books as one of the best.

Sin Cara is about to make his debut with the WWE. Mexican fans will know him as Mystico. The high flyer has been brought in to replace Rey Mysterio, whose contract is reportedly up in the next couple of months. Check Sin Cara out on Youtube for a real treat.

That is it for this month, Sixshooter-a-holics. Make sure to check me out daily over at or over on Twitter at As the great Mankind put it, “Shut your role and know your mouth.”

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