Mayor Stack refuses to welcome President Correa to Union City
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UNION CITY AND BEYOND -- Mayor Brian Stack called a press conference across the Union City Town Hall Thursday afternoon regarding the controversial upcoming visit by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who is scheduled to visit Union City High School on the evening of Friday Sept. 23 in an event announced by the Ecuadorian Consulate in New York City.

Mayor Felix Roque of West New York and Mayor Richard Turner of Weehawken were also present at the press conference.

A press released by Mark Albiez, Mayor Stack’s spokesman, said the following: “Last week my office was notified that President Rafael Correa would be visiting Union City High School to attend an arts and culture show on Friday, Sep. 23. As always I was supportive of any organization wishing to utilize a public facility. However, many local organizations contacted my office to express their strong opposition to President Correa’s visit, as a result of his association with other heads of state whose ideologies promote violence and oppression. Specifically, it is evident that President Correa has associated with Fidel and Raul Castro of Cuba and Hugo Chaves of Venezuela. Pictures of their meeting are easily accessible in publications on the internet. Local residents are justifiably alarmed at this association, as many local residents have fled both Cuba and Venezuela to escape the oppressive conditions that were posited by Castro and Chavez… While I’m fully supportive of free speech, I cannot welcome any sentiment that runs counter to the ideals of freedom and liberty that are both taught and celebrated at the very institution that was suggested as the host site.”

During the press conference Mayor Stack mentioned that he spoke with the Ambassador and Consul of Ecuador and that they understood his concerns. Mayor Stack said he didn’t expect President Correa to show up at the event.

“We’ll deal with it when it comes, should he decide to show up,” he said.

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September 25, 2011
Mayor Stack your actions in this matter are nothing more than cowardly and disrespectful to the Ecuadoran American community.
September 23, 2011
Mayor Stack is a pin head!!

Knowing the great press and applauses that then mayor Julianne got when he return the check to the Saudi Prince, Mr. Stack wanted to advance his 30 seconds of popularity with this ridiculous position.

To be free is not to only hear ideologies like ours but to hear opposing and contrary opinions and ideologies.

Ecuador is rich in undeveloped tourism that I hope Americans discover it soon.

September 22, 2011
Wake up Americans! Dictatorships all over the world are using this free country to promote their messianic policies and infiltrate our civil and civic institutions. Yes, in American soil is everyone's right to sustain and defend an opinion but this is being used by dictators or aspirant to dictators like Mr. Correa to promote a very dangerous leftist agenda.

Chavez, Correa, Ortega, Evo they have a very clear goal. Change their constitutions, destroy the power of the civil society and lead (for ever) their countries to the dream of a new "reinvented socialism". It is Castro’s arm who is behind everything; the Cuban espionage services are working hard as before and now coordinated with their new friends to create support here in American soil for their out-casted policies.

Chavez is a declared enemy of America; Castro is the master mind of this plan which only function is subverts and destroy in the name of the "poor". Ironically, in contradiction to their crusade against the rich, they live themselves in a decadent luxury. Watch the recent "hero" Gadaffi and his disgusting eccentricities. (Gadaffi was an ally of Castro and Chavez and Correa)

President Correa should be welcome here in USA the day that he respect his own constitution and sincerely advocate for those who are victims of social injustice in Ecuador. There is a difference between serving the people and using the people. Mr. Correa, you better stay away from Castro and Chavez and work hard and honest for a better Ecuador, forget your reelections dreams and try your best in the time that your country elected you to serve them. Don’t let the Cubans interfere in your government, stop protecting the Colombian terrorists and put in practice the democratic ideas that you learn here.

dream of a new "reinvented socialism". It is Castros arm who is behind everything, the cuban spionage services are working hard and now are working coordinated with their new friends to create support here in American soil for their outcasted policies.

Chavez is a sworned enemy of America, Castro is the master mind of all this project which only function is subvert and destroy in the name of the "poor". However, they crusade against the rich but live themselves in a decadent luxury. Watch the recent "hereo" Gadaffi and his disguting exentriiciries.
September 22, 2011
I am completely disgusted at the attitude of mayor Stack and Union City, this goes against everything America stands for regarding freedom of expression and the first amendment. President Correa is the best President Ecuador had in the last century..A fine Economist who studied in the best Universities in the world including University of Illinois. He is close to Fidel Castro so what? So is Nelson Mandela, Lula and other great leaders of our century..I assume they also will not be able to speak at Union city?...his economic policies have put Ecuador as one of the fastest growing countries in the Region. Ecuador a country that didn’t have political stability for the last 20 years finally found a worthy leader. Hurtado, Mahuad, Bucaram, Gutierrez, all thieves who either left the country or stayed after stealing millions. Helping poor people , which by the way is the majority in Ecuador, has been his main concern and reflected in his economic policies, of course this doesn’t set well to the overlords and big wigs that governed Ecuador behind curtains for 200 years. Even documentaries like “Debtocracy”…have put Ecuador and Dr. Correa’s Economic policies as an example to Greece on how the get out of its Economic chaos. Also, please don’t try don’t fool people he has been Democratically elected and have been winning elections back to back. The nefarious media campaign he had to overcome has been the only way for usual Lords and big wigs of Ecuador to attempt to discredit his work. I myself will not be investing any money or planning to go to Union City any time in the future…If this was a political move he has lost my vote and many others who think like I said completely disgusted!!
September 21, 2011
A South American Gadhafi wannabe in the making. According to ex President Osvaldo Hurtado of Ecuador, a pupil of Chavez – Rafael Correa (by the way, a friend of Gadhafi), President of Ecuador – through a politically fraudulent public referendum that violates Ecuador´s constitution (that all in all, through its different stages, cost US$ 235 in its making..), while aiming at revenge against his political adversaries and covering his exit as President in two years (according to A. Oppenheimer, 5/2011, a license to steal!) is already planning to control the judicial system with his own judges, and the communications industry, to silence all press, and to stay in power for the next thirty years. He wants to control all powers: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, just like in the Middle East.

Ecuador´s Constitution cannot be reformed through popular vote. It is only Congress that has the constitutional mandate to do so! But lately, the Ecuadorian Congress has fallen in public disgrace after granting amnesty to common criminals, including a rapist of a 12-year old girl.

So, eventually; as Correa himself has said it publicly, he will be a candidate for forceful destitution in a few years, but not now.

He´s been in power for four years and he blames past governments for all his public mismanagements and squandering of public resources.

His economic and political management is a shambles (very emotional…, immature) in many respects; e.g., he now wants to prohibit the import and/or local manufacture of gas powered water heaters because gas is subsidized (2.5% of total demand is for in-country consumption, while 30% is smuggled to Colombia and Peru where the gas sells at international prices): a 15 kg. bottle sells for US$ 1.60, in Ecuador, while the international price is US$ 15. He likes the idea of more expensive solar panels for the population even though existing (foreign) technology adaptation has not been developed internally (the same thing happens with the rest of petroleum derivatives whose consumption is highly subsidized for the benefit of a handful of the rich). Amount of the subsidy scheme: US$ 4000 million. What Correa should do instead is to eliminate the gas subsidy over the next 2-3 years; and, for that matter, all subsidies pertaining to the energy sector.

Since 2007, when Correa took over, poverty (even though the poor are massively subsidized) has become widespread, while the Gini coefficient has increased significantly. Thus, in this socialist government, the poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer.

His energy matrix is failed and frequent blackouts are also a problem, while agricultural policy is also failed in the midst of rising prices (he now wants to nationalize a top foreign exchange earner, the banana industry, so he can destroy it, in the name of social justice and unemployment). Primary education and health are also failed: kids exit the schools pseudo illiterate, while neonatal die in their cribs by the dozens. Poorly equipped public hospitals are past the saturation point, and patients die at their doorsteps. The average Ecuadorian has at most a seventh grade education and therefore will vote yes to anything that´s put under their noses. According to the Minister of Health, only four of thirty hospitals, in the country, operate under international standards. Nevertheless, instead of building more hospitals, they preferred buying two rolling platform hospitals (suppliers’ credits) at a cost of US$ 35 million with cost overruns of more than 400% as denounced by members of Congress. And, as far as transport policy is concerned, he has spent tens of millions of dollars in trying to rehabilitate a railroad operation that runs at most at 10 miles per hour, instead of scrapping it and moving on to call on the Chinese or the Turks to build a real (for real!) railroad transport system that the country desperately needs. The highway system is also poor by international standards and leaves much to be desired. Even his environmental policy is failed. Rainforests are rapidly disappearing, while up to 80% of all rivers, in the country, are seriously contaminated.

In the last tsunami, Correa ordered evacuated the entire Ecuadorian coastline literally to the hills, as the name “shelter” is practically unknown due to governmental irresponsibility in natural disaster policy – some 45 towns, 350 thousand people – in an effort to save them?? (From what?)! Only 3 feet tall waves arrived… Wow! That was a shower of popularity at the expense of Japan´s desperation and suffering.

He will have nothing to do with a free trade agreement with the USA and instead prefers trade relations with countries such as Iran and Cuba. Consequently, Ecuador has one of the lowest private foreign investment levels in the LAC region seriously affecting the country´s development prospects. And of course, his government likes suppliers’ credits, and bilateral loans, in lieu of more transparent and less expensive multilateral loans from the international official development banks.

More: according to a Report by a publicly appointed oversight Committee, his brother Fabricio has managed to participate in some US$ 700 million of government contracts. And, what is worse is that Fabricio has publicly stated that the President knew of the contracts even though forbidden by law to avoid conflict of interest. Was there conflict of interest?? If so, Correa should be impeached and kicked out from the Presidency. Committee members are now being sued by the President as well as other reporters (US$ 10 million is not an amount unheard of in this respect). In desperation, he publicly calls reporters “ink hit men”, while most newspapers are called “pieces of trash”! THROAT OF FIRE!

According to a leading psychiatrist from Guayaquil (U-Tube), President Correa is a psychopath, and a narcissist that has gone Bananas, and in a “banana republic”, to say the least! Wow!

As a matter of fact, as reported by the press, and since he plans to control the judicial system, he is suing as many newspapermen as he can as long as they´ve said something about him that he doesn´t like. He wants to censor the free press at all costs.

Ecuador´s Congress, where Correa´s political party has majority, has the constitutional mandate to investigate the more than 8000 corruption denounced cases in the public administration, but in four years has done nothing in this respect. This includes accusations that Correa´s presidential campaign was partly funded by Venezuela´s Chavez and the FARC drug trafficking guerrilla organization from Colombia; again, according to Wiki leaks. Last year, he proposed that the country´s congress grant amnesty to ex Vice-president Dahik, who fled the country a few years back to avoid being jailed for embezzlement of public funds and illicit enrichment.

In 2010, according to press reports, Correa even managed to stage a bloody coup d’état on his behalf to become more popular. Thirteen people died while some 300 hundred were reported as wounded. The International Penal Court should investigate, for as Commander in Chief of the armed forces, he is accused of ordering government troops to fire indiscriminately against a hospital where he was faking a “popular” kidnapping attempt. This is corroborated by the Hospital´s ex-Director who served an illegal 6-month prison term for contradicting Correa in a CNN interview. In this respect, he is suing a Guayaquil newspaper for reporting that in fact it was Correa that ordered troops to shoot …; US$80 millions to the newspaper, and US$10 millions to the reporter that made the editorial comment. He is also asking that the reporter, as well as the owners of the newspaper and principal executives, be jailed for three years. This is definitely a case of a President gone mad! And pure and simple abusive corruption “banana republic” style! Human Rights Watch should certainly condemn this childish, and bipolar, attitude by the President of Ecuador!

He visited Gadhafi in Libya, to shake the murderer´s hands and congratulate him for his so-called “green” revolution (Correa´s favorite color is also green!). Press reports also indicate that his Foreign Minister might even want to grant Gadhafi political asylum, as his government, last year, offered Mr. Julian Assange-Wiki Leaks. The government is desperately looking for him at this time to get a hold of some 1500 illegal Wiki Leaks.

But not all is quiet in the Libyan Front, Patino, his Foreign Minister is proud to be an ex-Sandinista rebel and wants to participate in an international commission, headed by demented Chavez (Venezuela´s ALBA) to resolve the Libyan peoples´ struggle, by keeping Gadhafi in power! What a way to waste public monies, while trying to violate USA/NATO, and International Penal Court, agreements on the future of a Guantanamo candidate (or a dead duck!).

This type of economic/political management: in general, the combination of abusive authoritarian rule, irresponsible economic and foreign relations mismanagement, high unemployment, poor opportunities for social advancement, demographic youth bulges, low public investment in education and health and other public services, and anger at high levels of corruption, and outright thievery, in the Middle East and North Africa, and in Latin America, will prompt public uprisings that will topple their leaders. Chavez, Saleh, Assad, etc., are definitely in this list after their close friend Gadhafi moves on to better pastures! Needless to say, the Cuban government also needs to be overthrown!

Instead, Presidents from these poor, backward economies, that have not even approached the take-off stage in economic development should instead concentrate their public administration efforts in fighting corruption, creating an environment friendly to foreign private direct investment, reducing the size of their inefficient and corrupt public sectors, and increasing public/private investments with the help of the multilateral financial community and the private sector -- including in the strategic social sectors; i.e., education, health, and basic services – to increase employment and therefore the well-being of their citizens.

FINAL COMMENT: Sad, Ecuador will always be a backward economy with almost no hope of rising out of its poverty. With Correa: COUNTRY PERSPECTIVES ARE WORSE! When one examines the relationship between trade and financial globalization, and the rise in inequality in most countries in recent decades, it is found that TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS HAS A GREATER IMPACT than globalization on inequality. Ecuador generates NO TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS! Nor does she import it! Not even political progress! And, its human capital base is of low quality when compared to other countries.

Therefore, there is a greater propensity for inequality within (Ecuador) and when compared to her neighbors. The limited overall impact of globalization reflects two offsetting tendencies: whereas trade globalization is associated with a reduction in inequality (But, Ecuador’s Correa doesn’t believe in free trade agreements!), FINANCIAL globalization (and foreign DIRECT INVESTMENT, FDI, in particular!) is associated with an increase in inequality (between countries & different rates of economic growth). In 2010, Ecuador received foreign direct investment of some US$150 million – down from US$300 million in 2009 --, low relative to her neighbors with FDI of about US$7-8000 million, each.

In this sense Colombia’s and Peru’s capital accumulation by the private sector will discriminate against Ecuador’s insignificant private sector revival whose growth rate was generated by government expenditures. Both globalization and technological changes increase the returns on human capital, underscoring the importance of education and training in both developed and developing countries in addressing rising inequality. The low human K index in Ecuador indicates that economic perspectives therein are poor indeed! Add to this an inefficient, not effective, lazy, bureaucratic, and corrupt so-called leftist government and you have the ingredients for massive failure in the delivery of much needed economic reforms so that Ecuador can prosper with ease into the rest of the 21st century at growth rates satisfactory by international standards.