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Question: In high school baseball and softball, can the pitcher and first base person switch positions any number of times in the same half-inning?

Answer: A player may be removed as pitcher and return to that position only once within the same inning, as this is considered a straight switch rather than a substitution (such as a replacement from the bench). This is allowed provided it does not violate the starting pitcher rule, sub, or charged conference rule. (BB – Rule 3, Sec. 1, Art. 2; SB – Rule 3-3-2, note)

Question: Is a courtesy runner rule for pitcher/catcher considered a substitution?

Answer: The courtesy runner rule is a speed up procedure allowed for only the pitcher and/or catcher reaching base at any time in the game. Substitutes who have not played in the game at any time are permitted in this role. The use of the courtesy runner is not considered a substitution in the lineup, but must be reported. Players who have participated in the game (starters, pinch runners/hitters, subs) are not eligible to serve as the CR. (BB – Speed-Up Rule; SB – Rule 9, Sec. 9, Art. 1-6)

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