Mayhem on opening day!
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Dear Editor:

Six years planning two years construction mayhem opening day! To much of my amazement, on the first day of school in Union City and the opening of the new state of the art Colin Powell School, Thursday when parents arrived at the school to chaos. With only a letter sent to us with just a classroom number, no teacher’s name, we were told that we would have to drop our children off and leave. We were not allowed into the school at any time! What should have been a great experience for our children and parents, there was a ridiculous amount of disrespect that quickly became mayhem.

Mr. Stanley Sanger should be ashamed of himself for the lack of planning and lack of concern for our children. Just imagine 840 students and roughly 1000 parents and I’m clearly conservative with these numbers, were being gathered like herds of cattle.

When I approached Mr. Sanger who was just socializing with the upper assailant of the Board of Education in front of the showcase school, he clearly had no concern of what was taking place. Mr. Sanger clearly continues to fail the tax payers of Union City who pay his salary. First with Veteran school was five months late, then the Union City High School was one year late, and now the Colin Powell School opened unfinished with a (TCO) Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. That is quite frankly substandard and unacceptable. I'm not challenging his ability as an educator, but his ability as the chief executive of the Union City Board of Education or superintendent of schools is substandard and inept.

Finally after a multitude of irate parents were standing on the main entrance steps, Mrs. Teresita Diaz made the decision to ask the parents to come in to the cafeteria to pacify us. With her caring ways and leadership she offered comfort to the parents and reassured their children’s safety. Mr. Stanley Sanger the Superintendent of Schools just stood there with lack of leadership. Most parents just listened out of either the inconsiderate act they had just experienced or frustration. I had the opportunity to speak for the group and express our concern. I speak for the former Hudson School parents whom I served as the president of the PTO in it's last year, our only comfort and solace in leaving our children in a facility that we have never been in and were refused entrance, was that Mrs. Teresita Diaz and Mr. Michael Peragine were at the helm. Through their proven leadership and strong caring characteristics, we knew our children would be cared for and kept out of harm’s way. With all due respect to Mr. Rudy Baez that I’m sure poses the same characteristics, but we have yet to experience. I will continue to be an involved parent and encourage all parents to get involved and specifically those who have a language barrier, can feel free to contact me I can be your voice.

Frank Alonso

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