RECAP: Snooki and JWoww, The finale: 'It feels bittersweet leaving Jersey City'
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JERSEY CITY AND BEYOND -- Yarleen Hernandez, intern for the Hudson Reporter, has given us a writeup summarizing the final episode of the first season of "Snooki and JWoww." These alums of the reality show "Jersey Shore" filmed 12 episodes for MTV while living in Jersey City, while their lives were in transition. Jenni "JWoww" Farley has a steady boyfriend, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi just gave birth. The last episode was shown this past Thursday, and took place in downtown Jersey City. Here is the recap:

Episode 12: The End?

A seemingly long season of Snooki & JWOWW has finally comes to a close.

The finale begins as the girls head to Hamilton Health and Fitness on Hamilton Square in Jersey City to take a class on the introduction of the birth process. They explore “pregnancies and birth myths”.

Of course they bring along their fake babies and share the class with couples who are also expecting. The instructor shows the class a very graphic interpretation of the birth process with a fake baby doll being inserted through a plastic pelvis, but Snooki’s main concern is that of her ... er, rectal opening. Ripping that is.

A fellow classmate assures her that it feels “exactly like pooping”. Luckily, this is something Snooki thoroughly enjoys. “I love pooping,” says Snooki.

The girls realize that they might have not been thinking straight when they decided to move in together.

Snooki tells Jenni that she wants to move out and spend this important time in her life with her baby daddy.

Jenni seems to agree, as she, too, needs to spend some quality time with her body building boyfriend, Roger.

Jionni comes over and ends up having to babysit Lorenzo, the fake baby, while Snooki leaves to use the bathroom (most likely to poop). Jionni seems to have a hard time noticing that the fake baby is crying for attention, but he redeems himself by feeding Lorenzo some carrots. Good thing to give someone with no real teeth!

The crew later goes to Bar Majestic on Grove Street where the girls reveal their intentions to move back home.

Snooki plans on moving in with Jionni, which he's fine with. Jenni then tells Roger about moving in together, and he most definitely does not seem enthusiastic about the idea.

The night ends with Roger telling Jionni that he’ll buy him all the drinks he wants if he eats a spoonful of cinnamon, which Jionni ends up doing, leading to a gross sight of gagging and partial throw-up. (This trick, popular among grade school students these days, can actually kill you. Don't try it at home or let your kids try it).

The girls come up with a brilliant plan to switch boyfriends for the day to interrogate them while catching them off guard. Snooki makes plans to meet Jionni at the Hard Grove Café near the Grove Street PATH station. Jenni tells Roger to meet her at The Merchant, also on Grove Street. However, the girls secretly switch dates. "I'm gonna Barbara Walters that shit,” said Snooki. “I love Barbara,” replied Jenni. I’m sure she loves you too.

Both Roger and Jionni are surprised to see their unexpected dates.

Snooki gets straight to the point and she asks Roger why he fights so much with Jenni.

He reveals that he’s hurt. The lying and insecurity “hurt him.”

Jenni interrogates Jionni about his proposal to Snooki and what he would do if Snooki was broke. Apparently, Jionni doesn’t care about the money.

"I do worry about them, but I know he's gonna be a good dad,” said Jenni.

The girls exchange notes and they realize that both of their men are in love and committed.

Moving day has finally arrived and Roger and Jionni come over to help the girls pack.

"Boyfriends are our manual labor,” said Jenni.

When Snooki and Jenni realize this is the end, Jenni begins to get emotional about their departure. "It feels bittersweet leaving Jersey City,” says Snooki.

"Who can say they lived in a firehouse and transitioned to guidette palace?” points out Jenni.

With a montage of memorable scenes from the show, Snooki & JWOWW comes to a welcome end. Ciao!

But don’t be too disappointed! The new and final season of "Jersey Shore" will premiere Thursday, Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. on MTV. And it doesn't take place in Hudson County.

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