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Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the front page article in September 16, 2012 issue, titled “Two Sides of Every Story.” The public was invited to make comments upon the preservation of Observer Boulevard last Wednesday, September 12th. The issue of heights was the major topic of discussion. While everyone is sharing their views, I would like to share a few thoughts from my wish list based on personal experiences.

As a resident

Concerned with wildlife, I would like to see the heights of buildings be low enough for birds such as the once endangered osprey and other migratory birds to be out of harm’s way. I have witnessed countless birds being killed off because they do not know the difference between a window and a clear path. Many migratory birds fly at night in the north/south direction. The proposed buildings are right in its path.

Concerned about fire and safety, especially after the World Trade Center collapse, I would like to see the heights of new construction to match that of the fire ladders and ease of evacuation for residents. As many know, elevators in a fire condition are shut down. Time is critical during the emergency. There are many who have trouble walking up or down a five story walk-up, yet alone a stampede of tenants in a high rise.

Who has worked in New York City, there is an appreciation that Hoboken has a more human scale. Its commuters can enjoy more sunshine in Hoboken when comparing the two cities. I would like to see the heights of buildings maintain as much sunlight as possible given its population density(ies). High rises on the southern end can certainly pave the way for a new trend that cannot be reversed.

Who has been caught in wind conditions during ice and snow season as a result of high rises, I would like to see future buildings designed low enough that wind blows over the city and not on its pedestrians.

Who enjoys more of the New York skyline than the immediate high rises, I would like to see that future buildings are low enough that the majority of residents can enjoy its uninterrupted views without having to go out-of-the-way to a waterfront public park to see it.

Who lost her cars due to the rapid real estate developments, I would like to see low rise buildings for the entire half mile to become parking garages so other real estate agents and other car residents have just a little more leeway to keep their cars.

Who lives in the immediate neighborhood, I would like to see a proposal for parking garages that would act as great sound barriers to the noise pollution coming from the trains; such as clanging of bells, train engine horn blasts, idling train engines, train noise pulling in and out. And, the resulting rattles.

Who thinks about the future, I would like to see that area put on reverse.

Debbie Ang

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