City of Hoboken prevails in aspect of litigation related to rent control
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HOBOKEN -- A Superior Court Judge ruled Thursday morning that the city of Hoboken has prevailed in part of a class action lawsuit regarding rent control, according to a press release from Hoboken City Hall.

The suit was filed against the city by a property owner, on behalf of property owners in town. The suit says the city enforced rent control laws inconsistently for almost 25 years, but then, in 2006, the city changed the laws and began enforcing them in a way that property owners could not comply with. The landlords hoped to recoup damages that they say were caused by the inconsistent enforcement, and also asked for the court to rule that the city has broken state law.

While the suit is not totally resolved, as a result of Thursday’s ruling the city will not have to pay all of the legal fees in the suit, which could have totaled more than $1 million.

The release did not specify what the next step is for the suit in general.

The city was represented by Victor A. Afanador and Marissa L. Quigley of Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer said, “It is unfortunate that so many lawsuits are filed against the City regardless of their lack of merit, but the positive results in these litigations are an important demonstration of the necessity of ensuring that the city receives the best possible legal representation.”

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October 05, 2012
After reading this story and reading the mentioned press release printed verbatim on other websites I am beginning to figure out what happened. The city sent out a release focusing on how they won "another" lawsuit which is their right. Now, Obviously they did this in a hurry in response to the fact that they have been criticized for spending so much money on lawyers recently so I can understand it is election season. However by prematurely ejaculating this release they did a grave disservice to the public. They have told no one the details of this, what is is about, and what remains to be done. even the story here, which has a bit more information is too vague.

Cathy should have been thanked for all her pro bono work helping with this case. It is for the most part over except for minor parts.

I hope in the future when someone rushes to reprint a press release they explain it and I hope the city does too.
October 04, 2012
This is poor reporting. Why are you posting the original (bogus) class action case that was withdrawn? This case was the one on which the attorney, Charles Gormally, was trying to get $1 million FOR HIS OWN POCKET from the taxpayers of Hoboken. The case is COMPLETELY RESOLVED, and the city prevailed - with a lot of help from intervening attorney Cathy Cardillo - working pro bono for the city. Gormally HAS LOST. Please correct the story to reflect the fact that this is over, done, and there are no more aspects of the case to resolve. The so-called outstanding issues are with reference to another frivolous case where Gormally is trying to get Z88 implemented retroactively. Oh, and Gormally and all the out-of-town developer-members of msta are a bunch of greedy monsters who look at tenants as walking/talking ATM machines. Tenants owe a big thank you to tenant lawyer Cathy Cardillo for all her pro bono (Gormally doesn't know what that means) work on this case.
October 04, 2012
Way to go mayor Zimmer. For too long politicos in Hoboken gave in to special interests rather than confronting them . It is worth it and worth fighting for what is right.