Zimmer’s response to allegations: ‘Russo’s as bad as me’
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Dear Editor:

Whoa!!! Is that all you have, Mayor Zimmer...an allegation from years ago. We all know that Councilman Russo, after the allegations, was elected. We also believe (obviously he was elected) that he would have been arrested or handled years ago, had there been a reason. Stop it!!

We need to be protected, not from FBI entrapment, but from real estate developers not interested in our community, that are out to cash in on Hoboken being the ‘it’ community for now. It is really important since we have, on our zoning board and goodness knows how many other boards, people that will be subject to some hefty legal obligations, or they will lose.

It seems like freedom of speech has been confused with assault, slander or something, but if it is not true, lawyers are really, really, expensive, so please council people, look out for us Hoboken people. We also have MSTA running around, lying so they can get signatures on a petition and wording a voting procedure in a confusing way. Thank you Eileen Lynch (www.hobokenfairhousing.com), David Cogswell and Mary Ondrejka, for keeping us up on this attempt to change Hoboken Rental Agreements (and more if this multi-million dollar organization is backing it).

What we have received from the mayor are old allegations and a 'Na na na na na..you’re as bad as me...’ Crap...that is just crap. The renters and yes, the owners of real estate in Hoboken, need protection and you’re bettin' on a losin' hand. So, council people, when you decide who is going to run against Mayor Zimmer, remember, she is losing her own race. The stuff in the paper sounding like she can't be beat is a mind trick...she can be beat, especially if she insists on beating dead horses.

Ask all the senior citizens that stood up for their police and are happy that they are there, if they remember that. They remember that and more, even if there is a gag order on city hall!!!

Bonnie Toadvyn

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