Precedent has been established
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Dear Editor;

You know what they say about payback? Is it as bad as they say it is? I would not know. I try not to place myself in that position.

However, you might ask the three trustees Mayor Gonnelli supported during the last Board election that question. Did he hold their feet to the fire? Were they pressured to go along with this asinine resolution?

Will they find themselves in a situation that will come back to haunt them down the line. Time will tell. My personal opinion is that they cannot win, and Gonnelli cannot lose. Permit me to explain.

At the last B of Ed. Meeting (Oct. 18th) a resolution passed, by a 6 to 3 vote, approving bussing the students residing in the Riverside complex. The approximate cost, $34,000, for bussing about 35 students. For the record, the law does not require the Board to bus these students. This is just another example of Gonnelli failure to grasp the ramification of his action?

One thing I know for sure, this action has opened up the gates for any group that would like students in their development to be bussed. Creek Side Court, Farm Road and Acorn Road, just to mention a few. Precedent has been established. So, if the Board does not give any group requesting the same courtesy given Riverside students, Mayor Gonnelli will come in to save the day. He will blame the Board.

He will have the town bus the students, claiming it will not cost to the Board, then have the nerve to boast how much he does for the Board of Education.

Tom Troyer

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