Shame on you Mr. Mayor!
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Dear Editor:

Is Mayor Jeremiah Healy “What Jersey City is all about”? This Administration, under his watch and guidance has proven itself time and time again to be an established rock and fortress of unscrupulous entities. Let’s look at the City Council, especially when there was an historical amount of voided vacancies for one reason or another. The Mayor’s selections were mostly comprised of hand picked characteristics of mindless zombies that would approve of anything his little heart desired. Fortunately the electorate of Jersey City showed their outrage seeing through the mask of lies, deceit, nepotism, corruption and incompetence by voting out most of these puppets during the special elections.

However how many of them were rewarded with additional public incomes and positions, for their loyalty, even while they were defeated at the polls? Times are hard for everyone, except for the political hacks, they keep moving like the “Energizer Rabbit” from one lucrative City or County government job to the next, while the good residents of Jersey City, trying to make ends meet, are being sucked under by high taxes to pay for these positions. Shame on you Mr. Mayor!

These questions must be answered before you praise Caesar and the City Council? How many of them actually sold their vote, while making secret deals, maneuvers and manipulations in the private or public sector? What percentages of no show jobs, government contracts, and perks, were silently administered to their family, friends, business associates, loyal allies, or stooges that are unmercifully draining the city’s budget? Why were so many tax abatements approved, while our taxes are endlessly escalating? Is it to pay for these bloodsucking abominations?

This administration would have us believe that our budgetary problems are the fault of the low paid municipal employees? While the real culprits, the politicians are defending and protecting themselves from any guilt towards their despicable greedy behavior of unearned public assets?

We must give one particular Councilman, Steve Fulop, a lot of credit, because during his tenure in office he has not taken a salary. Believe it or not he actually donates his entire salary, back to the community. This is amazing especially in Jersey City, land of the political leeches and the uncompassionate monetary parasite. Naturally, he’s presently being discredited, by the Healy marionettes, because of his future aspirations of running against the mayor in this next election. The sad, appalling mentality and ideological reality of this administration is if someone can’t be bought, sold, or has their hand out, then they obviously can’t be trusted.

The mayor actually believes his position is a lifetime job in which he is answerable to no one, but himself. His self induced loss of memory rejects the fact, that he is an employee of the people of Jersey City and can be fired. Do we really want him as the standard bearer that identifies the reflection of Jersey City? If the answer is yes, then Mr. Mayor you are “What Jersey City is all about”?

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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