‘To each his own’
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To the Editor:
I’m an American and love my country, like all of you! I’m also a Catholic and in my house, we serve the Lord. I’ve been so lucky to live in the United States where we have freedom of speech. But there’s something that has gotten out of hand. Let me say that we have choices of what religion we choose. I respect and honor all religions and the different ways to celebrate the Lord. That is what it is all about: praising God in our own way.

But now I am taking a stand. No one has the right to come and tell us that we cannot say “Merry Christmas!” No one should tell us that the tree we decorate shouldn’t be called a “Christmas tree,” but a “holiday tree” instead. No one should disrespect or have any right to tell us not to display a manger. I have the greatest affection for those who honor our Lord, no matter how they do so. But it has gotten out of hand. It’s disgraceful what people have to say on how Christians should celebrate their holiday!

Freedom of speech is allowed in America. But how dare anyone tell us how we should practice the way we want to. For years we’ve called it a Christmas tree. You should realize that the reason it exists is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is not a holiday tree. It is called a Christmas tree, with Christ’s name in it.

All Americans should respect choices. When you pass a manger, respect the goodness and holiness of it. We should all remember that no matter what religion we choose, we all have the same goal of honoring our Savior, a man of peace and love who created us and gave up His life on the cross for us.

We have the choice to choose our own religion and politicos have no right to tell us that we can’t follow our traditions! That is not their job, their place, nor their right. In this day and age, we should get together and tell them not to insult the traditions we’ve shared with our families all these years. I think it’s so disheartening that this goes on in America. No one will ever tell me what to say or believe in, or change how I feel.

No more prayer in school. No more saying Merry Christmas. No more Christmas trees. No more mangers allowed in certain places. What next? These political few tell us we can’t, but will never stop me from saying I can. We all have the right to choose what we want to believe in. May God bless you all with good health and never let government tell us what we practice or believe. I’ll always respect others’ beliefs.

Let there be peace on earth. Remember: to each his own. Let all religions celebrate in the way they choose. God love you all.


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