‘Together we make a difference’
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To the Editor:
I am a person who happens to be a counselor. There are people who happen to compose the Board of Education. Since neither of us really knows one another, my statements are not meant as an individual, personal attack.

With this being said, I would characterize the Board as dismissive, unresponsive, and even selfish in their approach to students, parents, the community, and teachers. Let me explain.

They are dismissive. The Board’s response to teachers’ time and effort in affective students’ achievements seems to be, “So?” Well, the N.J. Department of Education has over the years recognized every senior as graduating “proficient.”

They are unresponsive. Nearby communities to the north and south have been under state supervision for years due to unacceptable student performances. Well, “US News and World Report” has awarded a bronze medal for student excellence in the Bayonne school system.

They are selfish. The Board exposed a 2 percent tax increase to avoid buildings falling, roofs collapsing, et cetera. Well, I am sure that parents believe the price of their child’s education should be primary.

To be direct, behind every student’s success and security is a concerned parent and an employee of the Bayonne school system, both within and outside the classroom. Can the Board be included or did I miss something?


Guidance counselor

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