Wish List
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Dear Editor:

Here it is, my new wish list, for the United States Congress and the Senate.

Place term limits on all members of Congress and the Senate.

Secure all our borders.

Stop allowing our pension system, public and private to be compromised.

Stop blaming others; be responsible for your own actions.

Allow everyone the opportunity to affordably attend a College or University, without initiating an enormous debt at graduation.

Stop corruption.

Stop incompetence and waste.

Establish energy independence from foreign countries, we can be self sufficient, no excuses this we all heard from the 1970’s,

Preserve the American Dream.

Start defending the one’s who defend us, the United State Military.

Don’t cut one penny of their benefits or to their families, and give them the proper equipment and training.

Never use our military or their families as political pawns, as in the past, shame on you!

Help small businesses.

Never allow any foreign Country to write or interpret our laws.

Educate without self imposed political or social ideologies, dictatorship, fear or reprisals.

Start telling the truth.

Support family values, morals and structure.

Keep God in America.

Never relinquish, deny or limit any constitutional rights or American freedoms.

Stop raising taxes,

Read the Bills, before you vote.

Improve our quality of life

Stop dividing America.

Protect our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

Stop your self serving whining.

Stop your greed and idiocies.

Capitalism does work, leave it alone.

Listen to the American people.

End Forced Mandates and Compliances,

Stop using our food as fuel.

Protect our Flag from desecration.

Protect and defend all American citizens, home and abroad.

Obey and defend the Constitution, Never compromise our freedoms and liberty.

Don’t trust anyone, In God we Trust.

We are a Nation of laws obey them.

Keep your hand off free speech and the internet.

Stop illegal censorship.

Stop illegal search and seizures.

Stop illegal audits by the I.R.S.

Stop illegal retaliation on companies or individual that doesn’t mirror your ideologies.

Stop illegal acts of harassments, fines, retribution and punishments.

Stop illegal acts of hidden government activities.

Be more transparent to the American people.

Properly scrutinize all candidates, government officials elected and appointed, to the best of your abilities.

Investigate justified allegations of ineptitudes, misconduct from all Branches and Departments of Government, including the President, his Cabinet, and his Czars.

Approve a proper budget.

Decrease the deficit.

Stop borrowing from China.

Keep our products, Made in America.

Love America, Be Americans, Be Patriots, Be Proud.

Only we as Americans can accomplish true change, by voting out the ineffective members of Congress and The Senate, whether they are Democrat or Republican. We must never be complacent. Unfortunately, recent history has proven this fact, that Congress and The Senate are only interested in escalating their own powers. So we must always keep a watchful eye.

Remember these words from Albert Einstein on the definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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