‘Support our teachers’
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To the Editor:

We all know that people don’t go into the teaching profession for its salary. They’re not in it for the income; it’s for the outcome. It’s for the life-changing impact they have on a child’s life that will eventually impact the people around them and their society. It’s for providing hope in a child who feels like they have nothing to hope for. It’s for the community. It’s that they teach the future generations not only the skills to excel academically, but also for life. They instill and model the values kids need to become the future generation of leaders.

The teacher shortage is not due to lack of availability of teachers. It’s due to the number of teachers that leave this profession because of the poor teaching environment and lack of resources they need to survive. Within the first five years, approximately 46 percent of new teachers leave the teaching profession. We are losing excellent teachers in our community because of better opportunities they are offered in other districts. This is why we need a positive outcome for their contract negotiations.

Teachers are the heart and future of this community. They don’t ask for much – just respect, a fair and professional contract, and wages that reflect their professionalism, level of education, and the workload required. By supporting our teachers, you are supporting our students and you’re helping to build a stronger foundation and brighter future for the City of Bayonne.


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