Our city needs a new direction
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Dear Editor:

Dear Jersey City residents: I would like to discuss some very important issues affecting us today. Every election time, career politicians take off their gloves and throw punches on each other. Lot of mudslinging, accusations, claims and counterclaims and maximum effort by these politicians to fool the voters.

Same is happening again, a man who is so out of touch with reality and has worked so hard to patronize his cronies, awarding them promotions, big raises in salaries at the cost of tax payer’s money, who has violated all the rules, didn't care for ethics, merit, discipline and accountability, who put our city in fiscal and moral crisis, who ignored all his responsibilities and who gave our city on contract to special interest groups, who boldly played on their pitch and changed the rule of game whenever they liked, is asking us again for four more years. Our city is not only in financial but in moral crisis too.

City government is like a big fat elephant that eats a lot but moves very slowly. Booming developments in one area and total neglect of some areas is unfair.

Mr. Fulop, Healy’s main rival, a Jersey City’s poster boy, who like to remain in news, is nothing more than a puppet of special interest groups, a man who doesn’t feel ashamed of lying, who says one thing while in the council and does opposite behind closed doors. I don’t have to go in details about him as J Journal’s pages tell all about him. Steve Fulop is all for power, power and more power so that he may help his donors get more lucrative contracts from city and the Board of Education. Steven Fulop is all for “Dirty Politics.” A career politician who left his job year ago to get into better business in his mind, and prepare for it “Politics.”

I believe in smaller, efficient, open, transparent and people-friendly government that is accountable. I believe on strict merit, ethical standards and accountability in city government. Bringing discipline, accountability and strict ethical standards can put our government on right track. Reorganization can save us lot of money.

We need to address issues of drugs, gangs and violence by looking into the root cause of these problems. I strongly believe in second chance program as I believe that we need to build communities not prisons. Rather we need to launch special programs for the prisoners so that when they come out of prison they should be ready and willing to enter into responsible and productive life and be better citizens.

All this can only happen when we elect right individuals for office. Fate of our city is in our hands, we can either make or break our city we live in and I believe that everybody wants to make it not to break it.

So on May 14 come out and vote right candidate, vote for Abdul Malik 7A.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Abdul Malik
Candidate for Mayor of Jersey City.

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